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Lobang Queen?

In Singapore, Giant Super Savers Club introduced Lobang Queen in October 2017. She is known as a a legend at smart spending and saving hacks. 


Wait a minute, what exactly is ‘lobang’? Remembersingapore.org sums it up best. Lobang is “originally the Malay word for hole (lubang) and is borrowed by the local Chinese to refer to an opportunity, usually in businesses or deals. It has been used so intensively that a person with many sources of business opportunities is called a lobang king.” Here is another explanation by sg.asia-city.com. “In Singlish, it means tips or clues or contacts. How it’s used: I’m looking for a good property agent. You got lobang?”

Here are other examples of lobang in action:

1. Lobang Fitness – a fitness centre that believes in building bodies, not debts

2. Lobangadviser.com – has all the great deals and offers

3. Money Lobang – a financial comparison site

Cultural sensitivity

This Singlish phrase is not to be used in countries like Indonesia or Malaysia because in Indonesian or Bahasa Malaysia, it could mean a woman’s …

That is why if you want to go regional, you have to ditch the word lobang. See the experience of Save22 (then known as Lobangclub) as reported in Tech in Asia.

So Lobang can only survives in Singapore and not in other Malay speaking countries.


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