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Mirinda Mix-It in new flavors bring greater fun plus ultimate joy from limited-edition packaging of idol girl group BNK48

Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the bottler and distributor of PepsiCo’s beverages including Pepsi, Mirinda, and 7 Up, is launching two new flavors of Mirinda Mix-It that mixes two fruit flavors in one carbonated soft drink, which are Muscat Grape & Japanese Melon flavor and Blueberry & Yuzu Orange flavor, to deliever the great-tasting, refreshing fizz and bracing sensation at any time. Both come as low-sugar drinks with less than 6 grams of sugar content per 100 ml. serving, which won them the “Healthier Choice” symbol for beverages.

Mirinda Mix-It Muscat Grape & Japanese Melon is available in two sizes—300 ml. at  10 baht and 400 ml. at 15 baht—in wholesale stores, restaurants, convenience stores, and department stores nationwide. Mirinda Mix-It Blueberry & Yuzu Orange comes only in 400 ml. size at 15 baht and is retailed exclusively at 7-Eleven stores.

Mirinda Mix-It Blueberry & Yuzu Orange also offers a limited-edition collection comprising of 12 different designs that feature the six Mirinda Mix-It brand ambassadors, namely Cherprang, Pun, Noey, Tarwaan, Pupe, and Jaa of idol girl group BNK48. It will be up for the so-called ‘otaku’ to grab at 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

Stay tuned to Mirinda Mix-It campaigns at https://www.facebook.com/MirindaMixItThailand and https://www.suntorypepsico.co.th.


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