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Singapore’s first ready-to-drink bubble tea debuts

Image from 7-Eleven Singapore

7-Eleven Singapore has launched the first bubble tea in a bottle in Singapore, reported Mothership.sg on 8 January 2019. This ready-to-drink bubble tea is made in Taiwan and does not have preservative and artificial colouring.

The unique thing about this bubble tea is unlike the typical chewy tapioca pearls, the pearls in Peach Bubble Tea are made from konjac, which is chewy but low in carbohydrate. Mothership.sg cautions consumers about the konjac pearls as they are not the typical tapioca pearls Singapore consumers are used to.

Peach Bubble Tea is available for a price of SGD 3.60 for two bottles and the promotion will last until 22 January 2019.

The recent revival of interest in bubble tea, thanks to new flavour innovations from China and Taiwan including the use of brown sugar and cheese topping, has renewed consumer interest in bubble tea. Consumers appear to be far more receptive to the new launches in the foodservice channel but interest may not be forthcoming for bubble tea in a bottle as they lack the customisation and the varities found at bubble tea shops.


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