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Deedo Mikku yogurt drink arrives in Malaysia

Photo credit: minimeinisights.com

Thailand’s food and drink products are increasingly finding their way into Malaysia without having Malaysians to visit the land of the smiles, a country known for its innovative food and drinks.

Recently, Foodstar’s Deedo Mikku yogurt drink was spotted at Giant supermarket in Malaysia. The 300ml drink is priced at RM 2.99 per bottle and is distributed by Brave Tristar Sdn Bhd. As a comparison, local Nutrigen Cultured Milk (300ml) comes with a RM 2.10 price tag.

The new Mikku joins Betagen cultured milk, launched in 2018, as the two dairy-based drinks from Thailand that are offering Malaysians with more choices in the cultured milk and yogurt drink categories. It also signals the growing cross-border dairy trade in Southeast Asia as companies look for new opportunities within the region, home to around 650 million people.


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