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Betagen arrives in Malaysia

Betagen booth at Tastefully Food & Beverage Expo 2018. Photo credit: Minimeinsights.com

Betagen, the iconic cultured milk drink from Thailand, has landed in Malaysia. The drink is distributed by Pikzern, a Malaysia-based importer of chilled and frozen product.

Betagen is available at Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer and FamilyMart. Betagen Light (335ml) with a 3% sugar formula is selling at FamilyMart at a price of RM 3.90 (USD 0.96). The cultured milk drink is certified by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board for lower in sugar and lower in saturated fat. The total sugar in Betagen Light is 5.9g per 100ml, of which added sugar is 2.8g.

In Singapore, Betagen is distributed and imported by Kaiser Food Singapore Pte Ltd.

In Malaysia, Betagen competes with Nutrigen, which has three sizes ranging from 125g, 300g and 700g. Similarly, Betagen is available in 125ml, 335ml and 700ml. At FamilyMart, Nutrigen Less Sugar (300ml) is priced at RM 2.64, which is 32% cheaper than Betagen Light (335ml).

The popularity of Thai food and drinks in Malaysia is largely driven by Malaysian tourists, upon returning to Malaysia, still longing for all the innovative Thai products in 7-Eleven. One thing for sure, Thai food and drinks do taste really good.


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