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Betagen Kombucha is a wake up call for kombucha players in Malaysia

Betagen has made available its latest kombucha through Malaysia’s FamilyMart convenience stores. We feel the latest Betagen Kombucha Fermented Tea Original is set to disrupt the kombucha segment as it wins on two areas –  affordability and taste. The 200ml drink is priced at RM 4.70, which is a low entry price for kombucha in the Malaysian market.

For serious kombucha drinkers who have tasted Betagen Kombucha, they would notice Betagen Kombucha has a more pleasant taste but lack the authenticity. Taste is a barrier for kombucha right now as kombucha traditionally comes with a tangy, acidic taste. By making it easier to drink, Betagen Kombucha has the potential to make kombucha more accessible to ordinary consumers in terms of the taste.

However, for established kombucha players, there is the risk that Betagen Kombucha’s presence will mislead first time kombucha drinkers who might think that all kombucha in the market will taste just like Betagen Kombucha.

Globally, kombucha is trying to exapand its user base and that is why kombucha players have entered into the carbonated space as well as turning kombucha into a beverage ingredient. There is also the push to make kombucha more pleasant to drink among children. In Australia, Remedy has launched Remedy JNR, which is described as a super-tasty, lightly fizzy kombucha brew made just for kids.

Perhaps it is a wake up call for kombucha companies in Malaysia to look at new ways to popularise digestive drink with kombucha as the core ingredient.


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