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Archipelago Brewery X RedMart Lemongrass Pale Ale

RedMart, which Lazada acquired for an undisclosed sum in November 2016, has announced in April 2019 of the launch of Code Red Lemongrass Pale Ale, a collaboration with Singapore-based craft beer maker Archipelago Brewery.

This limited edition craft beer is described “as unique as it is local, where fruity esters from the Ale yeast mingle perfectly with late additions of lemongrass and jasmine to make this beer a unique and truly refreshing drink for all occasions on another hot day in Singapore.”

Archipelago Brewery Code Red Lemongrass Pale Ale has an ABV of 4.5%. A pack of 4x330ml is available on Redmart for SGD 19.80 as of 22 May 2019.

The collaboration between an online supermarket with a craft beer maker could point to further partnership with other food/drink brands. Such partnership provides assurance on quality and offers something that is fun.


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