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Teh Javana sweetened with rock sugar

Teh Javana, the RTD jasmine tea of Wings Indonesia, has launched a new variant sweetened with rock sugar (gula batu). Consumers wanted lighter tasting packaged tea and one way to make the tea lighter is to use rock sugar, said Product Manager Teh Javana Devi Chrisnatalia as reported by Beritasatu.com.

Competitor Nu Green Tea from PT ABC President has launched Nu Green Tea Rock Sugar in 2018, making it the first green tea with rock sugar in the market.

The use of rock sugar does not necessarily means the drink is lower in sugar but it does provide the drink with a more natural attribute through the use of natural rock sugar.

Teh Javana is aimed at the 18- to 28-years old. The brand aims to turn Teh Javana into the beverage of choice for millenials who are keen to explore and try different food and travel, said Devi.


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