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Ayam Brand Introduces Three Varieties of Saba Mackerel Flakes To Its Roster Of Healthy, Convenient & Tasty Ready-To-Eat Fish Meals

SHAH ALAM, DECEMBER 04, 2019 – Ayam Brand™, synonymous in Malaysia for its sardines in the iconic yellow and red can, and varieties of tuna, is adding Saba Mackerel Flakes to its healthy, convenient and tasty ready-to-eat fish meals.

Saba is the Japanese word for Pacific mackerel[1]. Saba is a dietary staple in Japan, popular for its nutritional value, affordable price and rich taste. In Malaysia, grilled saba is a favourite at Japanese restaurants. 

Now you can enjoy the exotic saba mackerel fish at home, at work or at leisure with Ayam Brand™ Saba Mackerel Flakes that come in three variants of Chilli, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Mayonnaise.  Ayam Brand™ has localised these variants to deliver the best taste and quality saba mackerel flakes to Malaysians.

Saba mackerel is acknowledged for its great taste but did you know that it is an exceptionally nutritious fish? It is high in protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.  

Based on an article by U.S National Institutes of Health, diets which are rich in omega-3 have been linked to healthy aging, such as in Japan, which has the highest life expectancy globally[2]

However, our bodies do not produce omega-3 fatty acids which is why it is necessary to obtain these nutrients from natural food sources such as seafood.[3] Saba mackerel has almost 50% more omega-3, compared to a similar serving of tuna. In fact, one 160gm can Ayam Brand™ Chilli Saba Mackerel Flakes has the same amount of omega-3 as eight softgel fish oil capsules, fulfilling your weekly omega-3 needs[4]

Benefits of Omega-3[5]

Omega-3 can promote brain health during pregnancy and early life as it is crucial for brain growth and development in infants. Getting enough omega-3s during pregnancy is associated with numerous benefits for your child, including higher intelligence, better communication and social skills, fewer behavioural problems and decreased risk of developmental delay.

Omega-3 fatty acid DHA also improves reading skills and behaviour in kids who need help most — those whose test scores place them in the bottom 20% of their elementary school class — according to a controlled trial[6].

Our eyes are constantly exposed to blue light from looking at electronic and digital screens and this can increase the risk of permanent eye damage or even blindness. Getting sufficient omega-3 DHA, which is a major structural component of the retina of our eyes, may be vital in keeping eyes healthy, and maintaining good vision for a longer period of time[7]

Studies have also found omega-3 can benefit age-related cognitive decline such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Older adults who consume omega-3 from seafood perform better on thinking skill test, suggesting that omega-3 can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease[8].

Interestingly, numerous research studies indicate that consuming omega-3 that is naturally found in food sources brings more benefits than taking it as a fish oil supplement. Hence, there are so many reasons to add Ayam Brand™ Saba Mackerel Flakes to your diet as a rich source of omega-3, at every stage of your life.

While fresh saba mackerel is not widely available at local markets and supermarkets, it is available at Japanese restaurants albeit at a premium price. However, Ayam Brand™ Saba Mackerel Flakes brings all the nutritional benefits, especially the omega-3, with the convenience of a ready-to-eat meal in variants that suit Malaysians’ taste buds including chilli, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Mayonnaise. 

Now you know it is easy to get all the goodness of omega-3 from Ayam Brand ™ Saba Mackerel Flakes. Just pull the tab to open a can and it is ready to eat. To make it a meal, have it with hot rice, or roll it with rice and wrap with seaweed for homemade Onigiri. It tastes great in a wrap, as a sandwich filling, over pasta, or as a pizza topping. 

Ayam BrandTM Saba Mackerel Flakes in Chilli (160gm) and in Mayonnaise(160gm) retail price at RM 6.20 while in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (150gm) retail price at RM 6.50. The complete range of Ayam Brand™’s healthy and convenient products are available at supermarket outlets nationwide. 

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