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Milo Nutri Pluz provides 2x calcium and vitamin D

Nestle has introduced the new Milo Nutri Pluz in Malaysia offering 2x calcium & Vitamin D compared to Milo UHT. While Milo Nutri Pluz is less sweet with a milkier taste, Milo UHT is more chocolatey which meets different consumers’ taste preferences.

According to Nestle, a 7-9 years old child needs 1,000mg of calcium and 15µg of vitamin, while a child aged 10-12 needs 1,300mg of calcium and 15µg of vitamin D, based on Recommended Nutrient Intakes (RNI) for Malaysia 2017.

1 serving of Milo Nutri Pluz (200ml) provides 240mg Calcium and 4µg Vitamin D respectively, which means 1 serving of Milo Nutri Pluz meets 24% (7-9yo) or 18% (10-12yo) of the daily calcium and 26% of the daily vitamin D requirement.

At the moment, 1 in 2 Malaysian children experiences calcium & Vitamin D deficiency.  

1 serving of Milo Nutri Pluz (200ml) contains <1 tsp (4.2g) of added sugar*.

*table sugar (sucrose), 1 tsp=5g

The new Milo Nutri Pluz is aimed at children to ensure they have adequate amount of energy to get through their day and address calcium and vitamin D deficiency.

Milo Protein Up, which was launched earlier, is for adults who seek high-protein products for their diet. It contains 13g of protein which is equivalent to protein in 2 hen’s eggs.

Milo Nutri Pluz is available on Lazada. Click here to puchase.

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