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Improve immunity with Ichitan’s PH Plus 8.5 alkaline water

Riding on the consumer interest in immunity, Thailand’s RTD tea maker Ichitan has unveiled PH Plus 8.5, a new alkaline water containing vitamin B complex (vitamin B3, B5, B6, B9) to boost immunity and adjust body balance. The alkaline water addresses body balance by removing acid from the body. The launch of PH Plus 8.5 represents Ichitan’s diversification into the bottled water segment.

The new product is produced using smart technology from Japan and is priced at THB 20 in a 550 ml bottle. PH Plus 8.5 will be available from May 2020, according to the press release. The alkaline water is based on the concept of Stay Balance, Stay Healthy, Stay Alive.

Functional alkaline water with vitamin B complex is an interesting concept, which can be replicated by other bottled water manufacturers to communicate the immunity claim.

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