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Let’s Foster A Warm Community with Our Neighbours with Tropicana

Tropicana organises a rewarding virtual contest and customized promos to promote community building while social distancing in times of the new normal

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 May 2020 – With social distancing becoming a new norm, some of us may find that it is a challenge to keep a distance from their loved ones, family and friends. Helping you to form new social connections and getting to know your surrounding community better as we stay home, Tropicana, the World’s No. 1 brand in packaged 100% Juice and Nectars[1], has announced the launch of its Eratkan Jalinan dengan Jiran campaign.

The campaign entails a lively contest and other promotions to encourage netizens to get to know their neighbours and strengthen their bond with those who are socially closest to us.  “With the current on-going situation where we may not be able to physically connect with our loved ones or family members, our neighbours might be our closest lifelines. Getting to know them allows us a chance to form a real connection in times of social isolation and in most instances all it takes is a smile or a warm greeting to get a conversation flowing.  Through Tropicana’s Eratkan Jalinan dengan Jiran campaign, we hope to encourage our consumers to connect with their neighbours, getting to know them better and instilling a sense of community around them,” said Santharuban T. Sundaram, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Alternate Business at Etika Sdn Bhd.

As part of this campaign, Tropicana will partner with Malaysia’s No. 1 Malay station ERA FM to conduct the Tropicana Trivia Jiran whereby you and your neighbour can participate in a ‘get to know each other’ trivia session. Each trivia session will include three questions with a pre-determined cash amount for getting every response right. The trivia will allow participants a chance to win up to RM1,000 per person, if both you and your neighbour are able to answer all the questions posed correctly, with a prize pool of RM14,000 cash up for grabs! Adhering to social distancing norms, the trivia contest will take place over a Skype video session with ERA announcers. Those of you who are eager to participate can submit your entries until 20th May 2020.

Adding another neighbourly extension to the campaign, Tropicana is partnering with Happy Fresh, an online grocery shopping app to introduce a Tropicana Pek Jiran promotion deal. With this deal, you can purchase a bundle of 4x 1.5L bottles of Tropicana Twister at up to 30% discount with a free greeting card, giving you additional reasons to get to know your neighbour sooner. The significance of the promotion is to share the fruity goodness of Tropicanca Twister with your neighbours while leaving them a positive/ inspiring message. The promotion is applicable on Tropicana Twister Orange, Tropicana Twister Apple as well as an assorted bundle of both these variants. The promotion will run up to 5th June 2020. For more deals and info, head over to the Happy Fresh promotions page:

1)      https://era.je/oap/2020/tropicana-eratkan-jalinan-dengan-jiran-anda/tropicana-pek-jiran-di-happyfresh

2)      https://m.happyfresh.my/promotions/products/3203627?utm_source=hpd&utm_medium=SocialMedia&utm_campaign=TropicanaTwister&is_retargeting=true&c=TropicanaTwister&pid=hpd&af_click_lookback=7d&af_channel=SocialMedia&af_reengagement_window=10d

Let’s all take a step forward to get to know our neighbour’s better and toward building a stronger community by joining the Tropicana Trivia Jiran via Era.je or extending a hand of friendship by sending them a Tropicana Pek Jiran via Happy Fresh. For more information on the contest and other promotions, please visit the Tropicana Eratkan Jalinan dengan Jiran campaign page on the era.je website https://era.je/oap/2020/tropicana-eratkan-jalinan-dengan-jiran-anda/utama.

[1] “Tropicana is the #1 brand in packaged 100% Juice and Nectars* in the world in 2016 in off-trade volume.” Footnote: “Source Euromonitor International Limited; *Soft Drinks 2017 edition. Claim based on 100% Juice and Nectars (25%-99% Juice Content) sales combines, excluding Juice Drinks (Up to 24% Juice Content), 2016 data.”


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