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RICH AND REFRESHING! Indulge yourself with the new, delighting, French-style ice cream flavors from La Vanille

Bangkok–14 Aug 2020

Soon after the previous successful launch of quality French-style ice creams from La Vanille, as of today, La Vanille is launching yet two more flavors; ‘Dark Chocolate Ice Cream & Homemade Peanut Butter’ and ‘Greek Yoghurt & Salted Honey’ that will guarantee to please the fans. Available now at Gourmet Market.

‘La Vanille’ a French style, premium house-made ice cream brand who only uses the best selected ingredients for their product is soon to install its two new ice cream flavors to their category. The first flavor is ‘Dark Chocolate Ice Cream & Homemade Peanut Butter’ which is made from 70% dark ‘Acarigua’; a super high quality chocolate sourced from France which their ‘Ice Cream Master’ only selects. Meticulously combined with its best counterparts: La Vanille’s home-made peanut butter, it is no doubt a genuine treat for those who love dark chocolate and peanut butter.

‘Greek Yoghurt & Salted Honey’ is another example of the perfect combination between Greek Yoghurt sourced from Khao Yai and Chiang Mai’s signature ‘layered honey’ which has a fragrant, sweet, and mild character. With a touch of sea salt, this is yet another ice cream flavor not to be missed.If you’re looking for a premium La Vanille ice cream experience, look no further. Both flavors will be available for exclusive purchase via www.lavanille.com or LINE @lavanille from August 5th 2020Special Promotion

Exclusive offer for ordering via www.lavanille.com or LINE @lavanille with mention code #freecupsummer; Receive one (1) 100ml complimentary ice cream (any flavor) for a minimum purchase of THB 999 OR Receive three (3) 100ml complimentary ice cream (of any flavor) for a minimum purchase of THB 1,499 The offers are valid from August 5th 2020 until September 5th 2020About La Vanille

La Vanille expertise in providing original French style ice cream to luxury hotels, high-end restaurants, coffee shops, bakery shops, catering services, including supplying airline catering for over 10 years. However, in order to distribute the product to the customers in this ‘New Normal’ era, La Vanille decided that now it is best to experience the product via home delivery, or purchase it at nearby Gourmet Market.By using only organic and top quality ingredients in making all the ice creams, La Vanille is guaranteed to be the most renowned ice cream provider in the food industry. The process starts with in-house milk and cream pasteurizing, this immensely gives a distinctive flavor with a mild texture, unlike any other ice cream you’ve ever experienced before. Every ingredient is sourced from the best-known location for its product. Offering all ice cream lovers a magical experience.For more information, please contact: Line @lavanille or call 08 7087 5432 or visit www.lavanille.co.th


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