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Meat & Livestock Australia kicks off 2021 Lambassador campaign

Image by Meat & Livestock Australia

SINGAPORE, 14 April 2021 – Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has officially launched its 2021 edition of Lambassador, a campaign celebrating the amazing flavours of high quality and nutritious Australian lamb in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Wholly owned by MLA as part of its True Aussie brand, Lambassador strives to draw greater awareness to the versatility and accessibility of  Australian lamb in the market.

Singaporean actor and host Paul Foster will continue to lead the campaign as the brand’s official “Lambassador”. Foster was first appointed in May 2020 and will work to break down any common misconceptions many Singaporeans associate with the meat. With a personal love for lamb, Paul wants to raise its profile amongst consumers and celebrate its ease and use in many well-known and loved dishes. 

Lambassador aims to build a community to bring together passionate people to share their knowledge and expertise on True Aussie lamb with Singapore consumers. As a market that is discerning and appreciative of good quality products, the little red dot has always and continues to be an important market for MLA, and through the Lambassador campaign, it looks forward to providing a platform to educate and share recipes and industry knowledge. 

With Australia’s abundance of wide-open spaces, Aussie lamb is proudly free-range, mild-tasting and naturally lean and tender. Its farmers take a natural approach to sustainable farming, working alongside the government to be an industry that aims to be carbon neutral by 2030.  Boasting a reputation of trusted, high-quality lamb, Australia is known for producing some of the world’s finest red meat with comprehensive food safety, quality assurance, and traceability to ensure that only the best meat gets to your plate.

Lambassador 2021 officially kicked off this month with an intimate lamb and wine pairing session at Burnt Ends for the Singapore media. Hosted by Lambassador, Paul Foster, Owner & Head Chef of Burnt Ends, Dave Pynt and Angharad Onions, Butcher and Co-Founder at Bootle’s, guests were guided through a live butchers demonstration with a full lamb carcass, followed by a five-course menu celebrating different cuts of lamb to showcase the adaptability of the meat in popular dishes.   

Throughout the year, MLA will share a series of inspiring and engaging content through the Lambassador website and Instagram pages. A new video series is set to launch later this year, featuring episodes that celebrate lamb as an easy-to-use, delicious meat that can also play an important role in ensuring a healthy and balanced diet. Through this, Foster aims to inspire more Singaporeans to enjoy lamb and discover just how complementary it can be with popular recipes. Previous recipes and more details can be found here:

Website: lambassador.asia

Instagram: instagram.com/lambassadorsg


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