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Vinamilk new Kenko contains Fucoidan

Vinamilk has introduced Kenko Haru, a new powdered milk containing Fucoidan, which is a long chain sulfated polysaccharide found in various species of brown algae.

Fucoidan, extracted from brown algae mekabu, is said to be the secret to Japanese longevity. Fucoidan helps to increase antibodies, has anti-inflammatory effects and improves immunity especially among the elderly.

Kenko contains calcium imported from Japan along with vitamin D and vitamin K2 to help absorb calcium into the bones.

The powdered milk also comes with GOS extracts imported from Japan, inulin & FOS and Chr Hansen A/S’s probiotics BB-12 to  increase beneficial bacteria, inhibit harmful bacteria, help laxatives and support the digestive system.

3 cups of Kenko per day provide 100mg of Fucoidan.

Plant sterol esters helps limit the absorption of bad cholesterol from food and monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) and DHA support cardiovascular health.

The other ingredients are vitamin B, A, C, E Zinc and Selenium.

Kenko is available in 350g and 850g.



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