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Jimat even more with ShopeePay when you order at KFC or Pizza Hut

There was a time when salted egg fish skin was all the rage, and there was no stopping anyone from getting their hands on the addictive snack.

Now we get to try the crispy fried chicken skin from KFC (yasssss!) that was launched a few weeks ago! People have been talking about it and the Chicken Skin Snek Jimat Kombo, and the ASMR videos by fellow Malaysians did not make it any easier for our growling tummies.

If you have not tried it yet, don’t worry because it’s not too late!

Plus, here’s how you can jimat even more when you visit KFC. We got to know that there is a RM2 cashback with a minimum spend of RM5 when you pay with ShopeePay at KFC if you buy the KFC ShopeePay Voucher from the Deals Near Me portal.

When we were searching for KFC on Shopee, we also found very interesting deals from Pizza Hut. This is one place we used to hang out with our friends for birthday celebrations or visit with our parents for a nice makan-makan. Ahhh the good ol’ days.

Turns out, you can get RM3 off on Pizza Hut’s new Hand Crafted Crust Pizza. Take a break from all the cooking and treat yourself or the family to a nice, warm pizza and a movie.

If you fancy other pizzas, there is also a RM3 cashback when you spend a minimum of RM6. Make sure to check which outlet nearest to you that is offering these deals!

Get these vouchers for only 1 sen at Shopee’s Deals Near Me portal, and enjoy the cashback when you pay with ShopeePay at the outlet.

Remember to also read the terms and conditions before using it!

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