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MILO® Releases Commemorative Limited Edition Tins Honouring the Malaysian Spirit for Merdeka and Malaysia Day

Limited Edition MILO® Tin 2021 Collection - Kopitiam design.

Exclusively-designed MILO® 1.5kg Tins in collaboration with Loka Made come with an augmented reality (AR) feature and opportunity to win MILO® merchandise.

Petaling Jaya, September 6, 2021 – MILO® is honouring the strength and the never-give-up spirit of Malaysians this Merdeka and Malaysia Day season. In a collaboration with homegrown creative brand, Loka Made, MILO® has released its commemorative Limited Edition 1.5kg Tin 2021 Collection that depicts this uniquely MILO® and Malaysia story as part of its annual tradition of delighting fans with the much-coveted collector’s item which, in a first this year, is enhanced with an augmented reality (AR) feature.

Having nourished Malaysians for over 70 years with the goodness of malt, milk, cocoa and a blend of six vitamins and three minerals essential in providing the energy to take on the day – as well as the distinctive, inimitable choco-malty taste beloved by generations – MILO® has woven itself into the fabric of Malaysian society, becoming intrinsically inseparable from the many facets of people’s lives. A must-have nutritious drink for breakfast, and one that is also favoured as a pairing with Malaysia’s favourite dishes, MILO® remains the rakyat’s number one choice.

Ng Su Yen, Business Executive Officer – MILO® Business Unit, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad.

“Not only are we proud that MILO® has become part of Malaysian heritage, through this year’s campaign, we also wish to celebrate the courage, determination and tenacity that have come to define the Malaysian spirit of never giving up, come what may. Having grown alongside the nation through thick and thin, we hope to meaningfully immortalize a slice of Malaysian life in our memorabilia, as we forge ahead and continue to champion the rakyat with the energy to go further in the many years to come,” said Ng Su Yen, Business Executive Officer – MILO®, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad.

Limited Edition MILO® Tin 2021 Collection – Warung design.

Available in two designs, the Limited Edition MILO® Tin 2021 Collection pays homage to the unique ways Malaysians enjoy their MILO®: One, at a humble street side warung, while the other, at a nostalgic kopitiam.

Jayee Lim, Art Director of Loka Made said, “We recognise how MILO® has enriched Malaysia’s food culture. Taking this as an inspiration in addition to Malaysians’ fondest memories of MILO®, we decided there was nothing more uniquely Malaysian than our warungs and kopitiams. We are proud to share our designs with Malaysia and we hope Malaysians, especially MILO® fans, are just as proud to keep this piece of MILO® iconography. It is our way of preserving our multicultural heritage so that future generations can look back on this Limited Edition MILO® Tin not only as a memento of the past but also a reminder of how close MILO® has always been to the hearts of Malaysians.”

While the designs are steeped in tradition, the Limited Edition MILO® Tin 2021 Collection comes with an AR feature that brings this heritage to life. By simply scanning the QR code on the tins, fans can enjoy an interactive 3D experience with the warung and kopitiam designs.

Exciting fans and Malaysians alike even further this Merdeka and Malaysia Day, MILO® is inviting all its consumers to show off just how uniquely Malaysian they are by sharing their most Malaysian MILO® and meal pairing through Peraduan Kita Kan Malaysia. Participants only need to snap a photo of their favourite MILO® and meal pairing at home together with the Limited Edition MILO® Tin and upload it to their social media feed with #MILOMerdekaMalaysiaDay and #TimeforMILO for a chance to win exclusive MILO® merchandise.

The Limited Edition MILO® Tin 2021 Collection is available now through September 16, 2021 from a store near you and online via major e-commerce sites, while stocks last. For more information, go to: https://www.milo.com.my/MILO-Tins-Merdeka-Edition.

Click here to purchase on Shopee.

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