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SAPPE unveils “Gumi Gumi Yoghurt Jelly” to help students enjoy learning from home

17 August 2021 – Sappe PCL, as the leader in the beverage market, continues its mission in developing and inventing new and innovative products for customers, including nutrient-rich Gumi Gumi Jelly. The company has launched Gumi Gumi Jelly in several flavors ranging from lychee, grape to orange with high vitamin C and B. The latest item is Gumi Gumi Jelly with yoghurt flavor created for school children, who learn from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gumi Gumi Yoghurt Jelly was launched to target young customers, aged 7-18, who love yoghurt or fermented milk. The new flavor jelly not only adds more fun, but also helps make your stomach full with essential nutrients. It is highly rich in vitamin B3, B5, B6 and B12 to help relieve stress and nourish brain for students, who need special care as they have to learn from home amid the pandemic. The item is now available at 12 baht.

Apart from conveying a direct message to the end consumers, Gumi Gumi Yoghurt Jelly also aims at the parent group, including mothers who are able to observe pain points of their children while studying online. Stress is among the pain points that the students may encounter in virtual class.

As parents have major influence in acquiring products for their children during this unusual period, Gumi Gumi Yoghurt Jelly eyes to be a delicious item to extend happiness to all, and be an alternative sweet for physical nourishment in the current situation.


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