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MYCadburyFlavours supports over 50 kuih vendors in campaign spotlighting local flavours

Creating social media visibility and digital presence for local stalls to boost business

KUALA LUMPUR, 28 October 2021 – Malaysia’s favourite chocolate brand, Cadbury Dairy Milk called upon the generosity of Malaysians with the launch of an initiative themed #MYCadburyFlavours this past September. The campaign brought Malaysians nationwide together in support of their favourite kuih vendors in times of need, with over 600 entries highlighted nationwide.

The #MYCadburyFlavours campaign focused on championing and raising awareness for beloved local flavours, and Cadbury Dairy Milk identified the humble kuih sellers as a community who needed a helping hand during the pandemic. With the majority of stalls being manned by the older generation with little to no online presence, the decrease in people out and about during the movement restrictions have led to a decline in business as well. Recognizing this, Cadbury Malaysia wanted to give back to the community who have supplied generations of Malaysians with their favourite sweet treats and put their businesses on the map through the #MYCadburyFlavours initiative. Thanks to recommendations from the public via the hashtag, Cadbury Malaysia created a digital presence for selected vendors by promoting their businesses through paid advertising on social media.

Local kuih vendors were also the inspiration behind the recent launch of Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut, celebrating the fragrance and sweetness of pandan and coconut that has been at the heart of many local kuihs enjoyed by Malaysians of all ages. Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut is the third limited edition localised variant from Cadbury Malaysia, following the well-received Cadbury Dairy Milk Kopi-C and Cadbury Dairy Milk Durian in previous years.

Thanks to the support and participation of Malaysians nationwide, the campaign successfully reached approximately 16 million people via Facebook and Instagram, and 14 million via YouTube, totaling over 205 million impressions across all three platforms and spotlighting a total of 58 stalls.

“In our conversations with local kuih vendors, we found that many of these traditional stalls have minimal online presence as they may not be as technologically savvy as the current generation. As a brand that had to adapt towards a digital presence during the pandemic, we understand the situation and wanted to play our part in helping to sustain the businesses of our local kuih vendors and support their livelihoods as local heritage heroes. We are heartened by the generosity of Malaysians in supporting their favourite local vendors, and are glad to have been able to contribute towards creating meaningful impact in the form of awareness and visibility for these stalls nationwide,” said Arpan Sur, Head of Marketing for Mondelez International, Malaysia and Singapore.

Cadbury Dairy Milk is built on a philosophy of generosity, which also strongly resonates among many Malaysians, particularly during difficult times. Cadbury Dairy Milk hopes that campaigns like these will continue to inspire generosity and support for local communities.

Learn more about Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut and #MYCadburyFlavours by visiting the official website www.cadbury.com.my or stay connected via the brand’s Facebook (www.facebook.com/CadburyMalaysia) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/Cadbury_MY) pages.


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