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Mamee offers its own take on crackers

Mamee-Double Decker has entered into the popular cream cracker segment in Malaysia with three new products – Vege Crackers, Original Crackers and Sugar Crackers. Crackers are filling and affordable foods popular with Malaysians who dip them into hot beverages or mix with ice-cream, jam and tuna.

Crackers are seen as old fashion as the category has been around for many years. There is a need for new and old players to come in to modernise the cracker segment to make crackers relevant for the next generation of consumers.

Mamee is doing someting different with its crackers. Under Mamee Bakery, the company has introduced a new concept called biscuit cracker 3-in-1 with a breakable biscuit-shaped cracker that is crunchy and dippable.

Click here to purchase Mamee’s latest crackers on its official store on Shopee Malaysia.


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