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First time in Thailand: Dow partners with Thepvimol Plastic to develop low-carbon frozen food packaging trays

Chatchai Luanpolcharoenchai, Dow Thailand Presiden

Tuesday 05 April 2022 – Dow Thailand Group, the world’s leading materials science company, together with Thepvimol Plastic Co., Ltd., have announced their success in developing food packaging trays formulated with polystyrene that contain up to 87% recycled content. The new packaging tray is 50% lower in carbon emission and promotes a circular economy. It is ready to meet the need of brands that care about the environment domestically and internationally.

Most frozen food trays are made from polystyrene, a popular packaging choice of the food industry, such for frozen vegetables, fruits, and foods. It is lightweight and has good impact resistance, low moisture absorption, and recyclable properties. As Dow Thailand Group is committed to innovating sustainable solutions, the company has invented a new formula of polystyrene resin to help packaging manufacturers achieve sustainability goals while meeting the needs of modern consumers. The innovation aims to support the packaging industry in Thailand toward carbon neutrality.

Dow has partnered with Thepvimol Plastic Co., Ltd., one of the country’s largest polystyrene packaging manufacturers, to develop sustainable solutions for frozen foam packaging. The packaging tray can now contain 87% scrap content while reducing production steps and resource usage. Utilizing Dow’s innovative solution, carbon dioxide emission is reduced by up to 2,046 tons per year, equivalent to planting more than 6,340 rai of trees per year.

Chatchai Luanpolcharoenchai, Dow Thailand President, said, “Dow is committed to delivering innovations that meet sustainability and customer’s needs. We focus on reducing carbon emissions, stopping plastic waste, and closing the recycling loop. Dow is delighted to collaborate with Thepvimol, a leading manufacturer, to develop low-carbon packaging following the circular economy principle. The collaboration enables superior business growth and sustainability goals achievement at the same time.”

Thanachai Wongvibulsin, Managing Director of Thepvimol Plastic Co., Ltd., said, “This collaboration with Dow has helped us greatly reduce the use of resources. Clean workpieces of non-standard sizes or food-grade leftovers from the entire production process can now be recycled to produce new products. The solution reduces transportation costs of the scraps and efficiently helps us manage waste materials in the factory. Our frozen food tray is now half the carbon footprint it used to be. This allows us to gain competitive advantages on the world market, reinforcing our commitment for over twenty-six years of producing environmentally conscious quality products — aligning with global trends in an ever-changing world.”

Find out more about the various types of polystyrene plastic resins from Dow Thailand at https://th.dow.com/en-us/products-solutions/polystyrene.html


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