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Chef Off Presents “Seafood Star Pizza” Tasty Bundles in One for Pizza Hut Customers

Wednesday 01 June 2022 – Pizza Hut 1150, a global pizza brand operated by PH Capital Company Limited, together with Chef Off or Natawoot Thammaphan, a nationally renowned chef, create a splendid menu of “Seafood Star Pizza” that combines three mouthwatering flavours in one pan. A star-shaped pizza with crab sticks and cream cheese crust is loaded with spicy cayenne shrimps, fried crab sticks and premium cheese, then topped with tare sauce to add mellow aroma and flavour. Pizza Hut offers “Seafood Star Pizza” with a special promotion – “Buy 1 Get 1 Free at THB 499” from today until July 31, 2022.

Khun Ausana Mahagitsiri, Chief Executive Officer of PH Capital Company Limited, said, “Such an overwhelming amount of positive feedback has been given to our last two recipes created by Chef Off for Pizza Hut. Thus, our 3rd collaboration with Chef Off is even more special. He transformed normal seafood pizza into a form of 6-point star pizza for the first time in Thailand, namely ‘Seafood Star Pizza’. Pizza Hut’s customers are able to experience all three flavours in one pan – an exotic taste that never try anywhere before.”

Chef Off revealed his inspiration that the extraordinary “Seafood Star Pizza” created for Pizza Hut features shrimps mixed in cayenne pepper sauce, delivering the zesty taste of Seafood Cajun – a signature dish of Louisiana, USA. Its star-shaped crust filled with crab sticks and cream cheese is inspired by a unique shape of Crab Rangoon, a popular dish at Chinese restaurants in USA. Additionally, Japanese tare sauce helps add the perfection as a finishing touch.

Pizza Hut’s “Seafood Star Pizza” by Chef Off is ready to serve the deliciousness to customers at only THB 499, along with a medium-sized Hawaiian Pizza or Deluxe/Lover Pizza free of charge. Moreover, customers can enjoy the Mega Combo, featuring one Seafood Star Pizza, one medium-sized Hawaiian Pizza, Spaghetti White Cream Sauce, New Orleans Wings and two bottles of Pepsi 345 ml, priced at only THB 619. The “Seafood Star Pizza” is available from today until July 31, 2022 at all Pizza Hut outlets, or order via delivery service, call 1150 and www.pizzahut.co.th.


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