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myBurgerLab collaborates with Revenue Valley for a menu upgrade

Revenue Valley Sdn Bhd, which runs The Manhattan FISH MARKET, Tony Roma’s and NY Steak Shack, has partnered with homegrown brand myBurgerLab for a menu upgrade.

The Manhattan FISH MARKET x myBurgerLab consists of Mike’s Salsa Burger (RM19.90) consisting of fried Fresh Cherry Snapper paired with sauteed mushrooms and Green Salsa sauce and Hot Reef & Chick (RM28.90) that has fried chicken thigh with a dash of myBurgerLab’s signature Red Sauce. The Snappin’ Budu Burger (RM33.90) features grilled prawns and spicy Budu Mayo.

Tony Roma’s x myBurgerLab collaboration features the Royal Stacked Burger (RM59.90) with a double Australian beef patty with cheese, Green Salsa and Spicy Red Salsa. The Chucky Ring Burger (RM45.90) is topped with crispy golden onion rings, while the Loaded Chick Burger (RM38.90) is a deep-fried chicken breast patty with the options of Green Salsa or Red Salsa.

NY Steak Shack x myBurgerLab comprises The Dancing Hulk Burger, a chargrilled beef patty with green salsa sauce and sunny side up, and Bob’s House On Fire Burger, a chargrilled beef patty with spicy red sauce, pineapple and mushrooms.


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