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McDonald’s has created a new Thai-style menu ‘McKhao Crispy Chicken Green Curry’ . Really delicious, not curry

October 6 , 2022 – McDonald’s Thailand is serving its latest menu, presenting the signature Thainess that the world will love – ‘Mac Khao Crispy Chicken Green Curry’. Experience the deliciousness of authentic green curry paste that comes as a curry and not just as a sauce. The meal is intensely delicious. It comes with carefully selected ingredients such as basil, red chilli and young coconut shoots. Served with hot, crispy fried chicken, served with 100% authentic jasmine rice that is perfectly cooked, soft and delicious. You can enjoy your meal at a starting price of only 79 baht per dish, or add an additional 20 baht for a large 22 oz. of Coke. Full Set with Crispy Chicken and Green Curry Rice with crispy chicken rice and green curry Plate with 4 pieces of McNuggets, 1 bag of regular size french fries and 1 medium size 16 oz. Coke, starting at only 149 baht per set. 

Ready to serve deliciousness today. From October – 20 December 2022 or until the product runs out. Available from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. at all participating McDonald’s outletsBoth dine in (Dine in), take away (Take away), Drive Thru (Drive Thru), delicious, no need to get out of the car. and McDelivery Safe home delivery service. Call 1711 online click www.mcdonalds.co.th See more details at www.facebook.com/mcthai


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