Full view of Julie’s Magnifity located on Jalan Munshi Abdullah, Melaka

Time to discover or rediscover Melaka with this new aesthetic photo spot…

Melaka, 31 October 2022 – What does a mousedeer, Kesidang flower and the A-Famosa building have in common? They are all popular icons representing Melaka’s heritage and is now proudly featured on a new wall art brought to you by Julie’s in collaboration with Cloakwork, a globally renowned Malaysian graffiti artist. The wall art called Julie’s Magnifity* unveiled on 13 October 2022, aims to be the new must-visit iconic landmark in Melaka.

Group photo with Julie’s Magnifity, featuring Julie’s Biscuits. From left to right: Julie’s Founder & Director Mr Su Chin Hock, Cloakwork, Director of Julie’s Biscuits Mr Sai Tzy Horng.

Tzy Horng Sai, Director of Julie’s Biscuits said, “As a brand born in Melaka 38 years ago and since then its products found in over 80 countries, Julie’s Biscuits is proud to enrich Melaka’s historic and artistic heritage with this mural wall donned by splendid graffiti art. Not only does it showcase cultural symbols of Malaysia and Melaka, but it will also certainly serve as an exciting tourist attraction.”

“As Julie’s Biscuits continues to inject more fun and playfulness in our brand, we also see our collaboration with Cloakwork as part of our mission in breaking barriers, connecting people, and bridging divides. We hope that Julie’s Magnifity will connect local communities, visitors and contribute to further invigorate the city of Melaka through this artistic display.”

This creative collaboration between Julie’s and Cloakwork features over 15 elements representing Melaka and Malaysia infused with abstract shapes and water motifs suggestive of products manufactured by the company. Julie’s Magnifity is currently one of the largest and most colourful wall arts in the city and is located on Jalan Munshi Abdullah, a walking distance to the Melaka River.

“I have always admired how my childhood biscuit brand; Julie’s Biscuits continues their effort in growing and connecting with Malaysians throughout these years. When Julie’s proposed this idea of a creative collaboration, I knew that this would be an exciting project to work on. Bringing together visuals that uniquely represents the city coupled with elements and colours that can evoke fond childhood memories was a rewarding experience!” said Cloakwork, also known as Chern.

Julie’s Magnifity Landmark Map.

The Julie’s Magnifity is now ready for all visitors. To check out this latest iconic landmark, click here for the google maps direction. Watch this video for behind-the-scenes footage on the creation of Julie’s Magnifity. For continuous updates on Julie’s latest promotions, contests, and activities, follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JuliesBiscuits and Instagram at www.instagram.com/juliesbiscuits.

 *Magnifity is a word coined from a combination of the words Magical Land of Julie’s, Graffiti and Creativity.


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