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Julie’s champions the art of taking breaks in their latest mental health awareness campaign

Kuala Lumpur, 7 November 2022 – Julie’s today announced the launch of their #Take25 campaign, bringing light to the importance of mental health by urging people to #Take25 for themselves to unwind in between their hectic day. This campaign inspires to encourage people to take care of themselves amidst the 25% increase in anxiety and depression reported worldwide, triggered by the long-term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.1

Tzy Horng Sai, Director of Julie’s Biscuits said, “There are various ways for people to take care of their mental wellbeing. As the producer of the OAT 25 biscuits, one of the healthier snack options for many consumers, we would like to communicate that on top of encouraging healthy snacking, we are also looking to advocate taking scheduled breaks as part of your wellness practice.”

“Inspired by the pomodoro technique, which is typically focused on productivity by working in 25 minutes interval, people can also use this technique to focus on relaxation instead. We would like to call upon people to #Take25 minutes to unwind in any way that allows them to destress or feel better – be it a 25-minute walk or even enjoying the soothing “symphony” of tearing and crunching into packs of the OAT 25 biscuits. As we continue to adjust living in an endemic, we hope that this campaign can inspire people to find ways to prioritise their mental wellbeing.” Sai added.

Globally, as more brands are responding to demands by consumers to champion mental health issues, this campaign hopes to create a movement where we can all encourage people close to us and our community to #Take25 to unwind. This campaign, created in collaboration with creative agency GOVT, features curated content that celebrates the unique ways people choose to unwind highlighted through three videos coupled with a mix of advertisements placed in strategic areas in Malaysia and Singapore encouraging members of the public to #Take25.

“For the launch of the Julie’s #Take25 campaign, we wanted to play with the notion of unwinding in between moments. #Take25 reminds us to take that step away from the negative aspects of the day and focus on what is important – me time. And everyone has their own version of me time. The campaign encourages everyone to unwind in their own unique ways – no matter how unconventional. In this short and, we hope, wonderfully offbeat video series, we show a working woman coming home from a hectic day and creating her own #Take25 moments in weirdly interesting ways.” Aaron Koh, Creative Partner, GOVT.

For some inspiration on how you can unwind, watch the three videos by clicking on the thumbnails below:

Share your unique #Take25 moments on your social media and be part of this mental health movement by using the hashtag #Take25. For continuous updates on Julie’s latest promotions, contests, and activities, follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JuliesBiscuits and Instagram at www.instagram.com/juliesbiscuits.

 1 https://www.who.int/news/item/02-03-2022-covid-19-pandemic-triggers-25-increase-in-prevalence-of-anxiety-and-depression-worldwide


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