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Ichitan launches alcohol-free Tan San Su to tap into the adult soft drink space

Image credit: มนุษย์รีวิวเซเว่น @manuddreview711

Ichitan Group PLC has launched an innovative sparkling drink in Thailand that taps into the adult soft drink category. The new Tan San Su (탄산수) has flavours that mimic the trending Korean soju alcoholic drink but without the alcohol content, thus making Tan San Su a drink suitable to consume by everyone. Moreover, Tan San Su is sugar free and high in vitamin C.

Tan San Su also taps into the K-pop trend to capitalise on consumers’ interest in all things Korean. As an alcohol-free drink, Tan San Su rides the current moderation and sober trend, which has become a popular lifestyle choice among young consumers not just in Thailand but also regionally and globally.

Tan San Su currently has two flavours Soju Bomb and Soju Yogurt. Tan San Su opens up endless possibilities when it comes to usage. The drink can be consumed as a standalone drink. We expect consumers will be creative with the drink and use it as an alcohol mixer as well.

Tan San Su also has export potential in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, Bandung-based Mojiso (모지수) has pioneered the halal non-alcoholic soju category in the country. The success of Mojiso has encouraged new entrants into the category including JIN-JJAH (신자), which sells its alcohol-free soju as Korean-style sparkling water, and SOL-JU (살추), which describes its drinks as K-Soda. Tan San Su can be a challenger brand in Indonesia.


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