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Ginhawa Red-G: Unleash the Power of Red Ginger

Kalbe International has introduced its latest Ginhawa Red-G natural ready-to-drink herbal food supplement. Distributed in the Philippines by Ecossential Foods Corp, Ginhawa Red-G aims to become the on-the-go red ginger food supplement for Filipinos looking for that warm and soothing feeling to help provide the needed relief for the feeling of discomfort.

Compared to regular white ginger, red ginger has higher gingerol and zingiberene content that is used to aid digestion, reduce nausea, and prevent epigastric discomfort. It contains antioxidants such as beta-carotene and proanthocyanidin that provide medicinal benefits to users.

Ginhawa Red-G highlights five main key ingredients, namely red ginger, fennel, Javanese chili peppers, mint, and honey that when expertly mixed with the right amount of these finest herbs.

The recommended dosage for Red-G is 3-5 sachets in a day and is available in any leading drugstores and convenience stores nationwide for only PHP 9.00 suggested retail price per sachet.


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