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Highland Coffee is Ours

Highland Coffee has recently refreshed the brand’s logo, unveiling the new promise “Highlands Coffee® Is Ours” which signifies its community-driven purpose, according to the press release. With this major transformation, it all comes down to Highlands Coffee’s desire to enrich human connections and social togetherness, becoming a hub of the community while staying loyal to the brand’s identity.

“Coffee has always been at the core of our business strategy since establishment. Despite having more than 500 stores across Vietnam currently, we do not limit ourselves to only serving coffee. We seek out growing together with a growing Vietnam in the future as well as being a companion in Vietnamese people’s daily lives. As Highlands Coffee’s upcoming target is to become a community-oriented brand, serving as the nexus that ties everyone in the community together is essential”, said Mr. David Thai, founder of Highlands Coffee.

Highlands Coffee has undergone major changes, based upon the community-driven values, after each 10-year journey. At each milestone, the brand keeps elevating the definition of community to new greater heights:
  • 1999-2002: Upon the official launch of the first-generation Highlands Coffee® logo, leaning towards community was defined to be closely associated with the passion of spreading Vietnam’s coffee culture, and delivering a drinking experience that combined the traditional and modern aspects of long-running heritage.
  • 2013: Upon the logo transformation this time, connection with the community was emphasized multiple times. Highlands Coffee® opened even more stores, and pioneered in evolving the traditional served-at-the-table service to the hyper-convenient self-service form across the nationwide store network.
  • 2022: Highlands Coffee® has now become a space reflecting the appeal of modern Vietnamese life, a community hub where people from all walks of life can connect and bond over a shared love, and find out the “taste of belongingness” amidst the modern context in which comforts are abundant and genuine connections are gradually absent.

The refreshed logo and re-defined brand promise will be rolled out by Highlands Coffee in the coming time, with visuals, interior design, staff’s uniforms, serving cups, the official website, mobile application, and relevant print products to follow.


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