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Light & Delicious Plant-based Raya Delights from yumeat™

The Easy and Convenient Way to Overcome Festive Fare ‘Jemu’

Shah Alam, May 12, 2023 – Malaysians love Hari Raya as it is full of family, friends and feasting. However, if you are cooking, catering or eating rich fare this festive season, you might experience the feeling of ‘jemu’ a Malay term to describe the feel when you have eaten too much of a good thing. What can you do to minimise the dreaded feeling of ‘jemu’ while still enjoying festive delights?

With plant-based meats being an increasingly popular flexitarian option globally, the yumeat™ team has developed these recipes for people who want to still enjoy Raya delights without the heaviness of meat. yumeat™ lets you eat the foods you love without compromising on the delicious taste, nutritional benefit, or sustainability. It substitutes easily into traditionally meat-heavy dishes but with a lighter taste.

yumeat™, Malaysia’s first shelf-stable ready-to-eat plant-based meat range has developed five recipes that provide a light and delicious flexitarian twist to popular Raya delights.  These tasty and delicious favourites are easy to whip up at home, and are a palate cleanser after rich and meat-heavy festive dishes.

Packed with up to 10 grams of protein per 100 gram serving, yumeat™ delivers the meaty texture and taste you crave while being low in saturated fat, with 0mg of cholesterol. There are no nasties in yumeat™, just clean ingredients; plant protein from non-GMO soya beans, wheat, oats and mushroom, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, MSG-free and preservative-free.

Refresh your palate with these five traditional recipes enhanced with yumeat™’s plant-based range:  Popiah Goreng with Plant-based Luncheon Meat Spicy, Bubur Lambuk and Tauhu Bergedil with Plant-based Luncheon Meat Original, Roti John and Pulut Panggang with Plant-based Minced Meat with Bean Paste.

Popiah Goreng

yumeat Popiah Goreng

There is always a place at the table for popiah goreng during Syawal teatime. Try the light and easy yumeat™ version for a change. Sauté holland onion and garlic, then add ground yumeat™ Plant-based Luncheon Meat Spicy. Stir in grated carrot, grated turnip, and water. Let it cook down to a dry filling adding white pepper powder and salt to taste before adding spring onions. Set aside and let it cool. Place the filling in popiah pastry and wrap it neatly before frying to golden. Ready to serve.

Prep and cook time: 2 hours, serves: 5 pax 

Bubur Lambuk

yumeat Bubur Lambuk

yumeat™’s take on Bubur Lambuk is simple. Fry 180 grams of cubed yumeat™ Plant-based Luncheon Meat Original and set aside. Cook rice with lots of water and ginger in a rice cooker until it forms a porridge-like consistency. Add soup spices and potatoes. When the potatoes are almost cooked, stir coconut milk, then season to taste. To elevate the dish, garnish with fried yumeat™ Plant-based Luncheon Meat Original, fried shallots and scallions.

Prep and cook time: 1 hour 30 minutes, serves: 3 pax 

Tauhu Begedil

Tofu stuffed with mashed yumeat™ and potatoes fried golden and paired with a sweet and spicy sauce is the out of this world street food known locally as Tauhu Begedil. Fry the potatoes, then mash them. Combine cubed yumeat™ Plant-based Luncheon Meat Original, fried shallot, black pepper powder and spring onions with the mashed potatoes. Stuff the tofu with the mashed potato mixture. Next, beat an egg, coat the stuffed tofu and fry. Serve Tauhu Begedil with chilli soy sauce dip.

Prep and cook time: 1 hour 30 minutes, serves: 4 pax 

Roti John

yumeat Roti John

Make Roti John, a street food staple, at home using yumeat™ ‘s simple recipe. Combine egg, spring onion, yumeat™ Plant-based Minced Meat with Bean Paste and minced mushroom together to form an omelette mixture. Heat a pan and add some butter. Pour some of the egg mixture into the pan. Place a hot dog bun that has been sliced lengthwise over the egg mixture and let it cook. Your Roti John base is done. Top with lettuce before drizzling with some mayonnaise and chilli sauce.

Prep and cook time: 30 minutes, serves: 2 pax

Pulut Panggang

yumeat Pulut Panggang

Make a light and easy pulut panggang (grilled stuffed glutinous rice parcels) at home. Here’s how: steam glutinous rice for 5 minutes, combine with coconut milk and salt, then steam again until cooked through. Allow the glutinous rice to cool. Prepare banana leaves, spoon glutinous rice followed by yumeat™ Plant-based Minced Meat with Bean Paste. Wrap and secure both ends with toothpicks. Finally, grill the wrapped glutinous rice in a hot pan.

Prep and cook time: 1-2 hours, serves: 4 pax

yumeat™ plant-based meat is made, packed in sterilised cans and quality controlled by Ayam Brand™, Malaysian favourite and trusted brand with a 131-year legacy in the canned food industry. yumeat™ products are Halal certified by JAKIM. 

Pricing and Availability

yumeat™ are available in Plant-based Luncheon Meat Original and Plant-based Luncheon Meat Spicy at RM7 for 190g can and RM12.90 for 360g can; and Plant-based Minced Meat with Bean Paste at RM6.25 for 195g can.

yumeat™ products are widely available from Aeon, Aeon Big, Giant, Lotus, Jaya Grocer, MYDIN, Hero, 99 Speedmart, Village Grocer, Bens, or visit the Ayam Brand Official stores on Shopee and Lazada. Follow https://www.facebook.com/yumeat.malaysia  or https://www.instagram.com/yumeat.malaysia/ for more info, recipes and exciting promotions.


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