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ShopeeXperts Create Job Opportunities and Upskill Talents for Marketplace

Tradehub founder Leong Wong (right) talking to visitors during the recent Shopee Seller Summit 2023

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 August 2023 – Beehaus and Tradehub are both Malaysian home and living businesses who continuously educate others for e-commerce success. After helping hundreds of independent local sellers and creating many downstream jobs in the process, they have become certified trainers for ShopeeXperts Programme – a seller training programme to guide other sellers to grow their businesses on Shopee.

Beehaus founders, Tee Ying Fui (left) and Felix Lee sells home and living products on Shopee

Beehaus* founders Tee Ying Fui and Felix Lee have been providing free e-commerce training workshops to underprivileged young talents in Banting, Selangor. With Lee’s experience in web hosting and online retail marketing, both partners create jobs by hiring their protégés as livestream talents, as affiliate partners who sell Beehaus products on consignment, or transitioning them to be independent sellers on Shopee.

“Tee is from Banting and all of his family members lost their jobs because of the Movement Control Order. Job opportunities in Banting were scarce and this is where we decided to create employment possibilities,” Lee said.

“We were in need of a host to promote our products during livestream and had difficulty hiring talents. We realised that if we hire youngsters in Banting, they do not need to travel far from home to work and can be closer to their families,” he added.

Some of the students they upskill go on to become independent sellers on Shopee. Around 200 people from Banting have been upskilled by Tee and Lee. “Around 50 friends who joined our training are sellers on Shopee. For participants who are enthusiastic about selling online but have no start-up capital, we offer our products on consignment to them. Today, Beehaus has 60 affiliates, and we are continuing our community service to help entrepreneurs grow,” Lee said.

Where Beehaus emphasises livestream and affiliates, Tradehub** promotes data-driven courses so that businesses understand their customers better and drive efficiencies to succeed online. Tradehub founder, Leon Wong, guides vendors in Kuala Lumpur in navigating the process of selling their products on Shopee. “Tradehub supports the local economy by obtaining quality household products from these vendors and selling the items in Shopee at affordable prices,” he said.

Wong realised the importance of making smart business decisions using data after many years of selling online. He has helped hundreds of local sellers boost revenues by up to ten times by teaching them to analyse business insights in a timely manner and translate that into sales conversion tactics.

“We help increase their production volume, resulting in reduced production costs which benefit both consumers and business. I believe that the path to sustainability lies in continuous innovation and in leaving a lasting impression on our targeted audiences,” he said.

Notes to Editor:
Beehaus Shopee’s store: https://shopee.com.my/beehaus

**Tradehub’s Shopee store: https://shopee.com.my/tradehubstore

ShopeeXpert Leon Wong and Felix Lee: https://seller.shopee.com.my/edu/courseDetail/221?lessonId=574


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