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Keep the Fun Rolling with Jack ‘n Jill Roller Coaster!

Enjoy Malaysia’s favourite happy time snack in NEW Original with Himalayan Salt flavour

Kuala Lumpur, 5 September 2023 – For many Malaysians, Jack ‘n Jill Roller Coaster is a familiar, uniquely ring-shaped potato snack that has been with us through life’s loops and hoops for decades. Many of us will remember rolling these crunchy snacks in a race against our friends, or even savouring it piece by piece, worn as rings on our fingertips.

What you may not know about Jack ‘n Jill Roller Coaster is that it’s packed with the deliciousness of real potatoes! It features a unique ring shape that provides extra crunchiness in a variety of exciting flavours like Cheese, BBQ, Spicy Chicken, Sweet & Spicy, and Tom Yum, ensuring endless creative snacking possibilities to keep the fun rolling!

Now, get ready to take your senses on a fun ride with Roller Coaster’s newest flavour – Original with Himalayan Salt! Himalayan Salt adds a savoury touch to Roller Coaster’s signature crispy-crunchy potato rings, bringing out the subtle sweetness of potatoes and complementing the base taste. Not only that, Himalayan salt also enhances the crunchiness and crispiness of the rings, making it more satisfying to eat.

Whether for sharing or self-enjoyment, Roller Coaster comes in two perfect sizes: take your pick from the 60g pouch (RM 2.40) or 100g canister (RM4.60). No matter the time and occasion, keep the fun rolling with Jack ‘n Jill Roller Coaster, everyone’s happy time snack!

Jack ‘n Jill Roller Coaster’s NEW Original with Himalayan Salt flavour is now available at all major supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide.

For more information, stay updated via the Jack ‘n Jill official website (https://urc.com.my/) or social media platforms: Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/jacknjill_my/) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/JacknJillMY/).


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