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Farm Fresh taps the calming benefit of ashwagandha for its latest flavoured milk

Farm Fresh has launched a new innovative Choco Mint Flavoured Milk with ashwagandha extract in Malaysia. This Ayurvedic ingredient is known to help reduce stress and promote relaxation. Each sip of this rich chocolate and cool mint milk delivers not just a delightful treat but a moment of calmness in every glass.

In Malaysia, the use of ayurvedic ingredients in milk is a novel concept, and ashwagandha is a relatively unknown ingredient with limited consumer awareness of its benefits. We are witnessing a growing demand for relaxation-promoting products post-COVID, and ingredients like ashwagandha, chamomile, and earl grey perfectly cater to this trend.

In Indonesia, Greenfields has successfully tapped into Gen Z’s preferences by incorporating familiar flavours like chamomile and earl grey into its flavoured milk offerings. While the choice of ashwagandha requires a more comprehensive communication strategy to educate consumers about its benefits, this also presents an opportunity to unlock ashwagandha’s potential in the Malaysian market moving forward.

Deja Vuu, the maker of the popular Brownie Bear in Malaysia, has showcased Be Calm Brownies at the Selangor International Business Summit 2023. Be Calm Ashwagandha Brownies are bite-sized wonders infused with the benefits of ashwagandha root with calming and relaxation benefits.

Recognising the novelty of this Ayurvedic ingredient among Malaysians, Deja Vuu has dedicated a section on its website to explain the benefits of ashwagandha.

Farm Fresh can emulate this approach by presenting scientific evidence to showcase the efficacy of this ayurvedic ingredient.


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