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CP Launches Initiative to Combat Air Pollution by Curbing Corn Field Burning in Thailand

Bangkok Produce Public Company Limited (BKP), a key raw material supplier for Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods), has inaugurated a campaign addressing the PM 2.5 air pollution issue, especially in Northern Thailand. This initiative calls upon Thai citizens to actively prevent the burning of stubble following the corn harvest. A key feature of this campaign is the introduction of a public reporting platform for instances of cornfield burning. Leveraging the ‘For Farm’ application and a corn traceability website, BKP aims to bring together farmers and the general public to combat corn field fires, which are one of the significant contributors to air pollution and haze in the region.

Woraphot Suratwisit, Vice President of BKP, has underscored the company’s dedication to addressing the challenges of PM 2.5 dust and haze. The campaign is geared towards fostering broad collaboration to implement rules and put a stop to cornfield burning, predominantly used in animal feed production. The public is invited to report any field burning incidents, providing photographs and geographical information, via the ‘For Farm’ app or the traceability website.

Upon receiving these reports,  BKP will ascertain whether the burning corn fields are connected to corn procured by the company. If so, BKP will dispatch staff and partners to offer farmers guidance on enhanced farming methods. Farmers repeatedly violating these guidelines will face a one-year suspension from corn purchases at BKP.

For fields not linked to CP Foods, BKP will collaborate with relevant authorities to ensure PM 2.5 mitigation.

Moreover, BKP is collaborating with local corn partners to encourage non-burning agricultural methods and has launched the ‘Partner to Green’ project. This project aims to curtail or eliminate field burning, a critical factor in the creation of haze.



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