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Discover the Magic of Goldheart Jewelry’s Newest Sanrio Dino-Mite Party Collection

[Left to Right] My Melody Gold Coin, Hello Kitty Gold Coin, Kuromi Gold Coin, Pompompurin Gold Coin

Sanrio Dino-Mite Party Collection – a treasure trove of endearing designs that promises to make your heart skip a bit with their unique charm – has been launched in Singapore. From 999 Gold Dino-Mite Pendants, charms to anklets, this is a collection you’d not want to miss — especially if you’re a Sanrio fan!

Spot your favourite Sanrio characters in the Dino-Mite Gold Coins

Dino-Mite Gold Bar

With four different Sanrio characters to choose from the Dino-Mite 999 Gold Coins, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Allow each character to represent your personality but also a cherished piece of your inner child.

Spot the adorable My Melody who embodies sweetness and charm, to the cheeky Kuromi known for her mischievous spirit. Moreover, don’t miss out the timeless Hello Kitty or the lovable and carefree Pompompurin. These Dino-Mite 999 Gold Coins make perfect gifts for individuals who enjoy fun and unique jewellery designs.

Evoke warm memories with the Dino-Mite Gold Bar

Exquisitely crafted, the Dino-Mite Gold Bar showcases the beloved Sanrio characters, including Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kuromi, and Pompompurin, each lovingly detailed to perfection. The Dino-Mite Gold Bar goes beyond being simple gold mementos; they stand as a symbol of the enduring charm and joy that Sanrio has brought to fans around the world.

Whether you’re a collector, a thoughtful gift-giver, or a passionate Sanrio Characters enthusiast, these collectible gold pieces provide an exquisite way to cherish the magic of Sanrio Characters in a state of pure, shimmering elegance.

Be bold and adventurous with 999 Gold Dino-Mite Jewellery

[Left to Right] Hello Kitty Anklet, My Melody Anklet, My Melody Bracelet, Pompompurin Bracelet

Be a trendsetter with the 999 Gold Dino-Mite jewellery, featuring Sanrio character designs in the form of charms, bracelets and anklets. The iconic characters – Hello Kitty, My Melody and Pompompurin – are perfect for gifting to little ones as a valuable keepsake while teaching them to be as kind-hearted and adventurous as the characters.

The 999 Gold Dino-Mite charms can also be interchanged from a pendant to a bracelet charm. Customers purchasing the charms will receive a complimentary leather bracelet and if you purchase $700 and above from the Dino-Mite collection, they will receive a Sanrio Characters Photo Bank which includes a photo frame and coin bank. As a memento of joy and nostalgia to carry with you, the 999 Gold Dino-Mite jewellery will remind you that kindness and friendship are at the heart of every adventure.

Receive a Dino-Mite Party packaging with every purchase 

To top it all off, receive an exclusive Dino-Mite Party packaging with every purchase from the Dino-Mite Party collection! Let your imagination run wild and get hands-on with building your own Sanrio Characters Dino-Mite Party packaging to give a dear one or to simply use as a feature display for your gold collectibles. With a step-by-step instruction sheet that anyone can follow, there’s no need for advanced tools or technical expertise – just enthusiasm and a bit of time.

The full Sanrio Characters Dino-Mite Party Collection is now available across all 19 GOLDHEART boutiques island-wide, e-boutique, and on Shopee & Lazada. Stay tuned for an exciting mini-game coming soon to stores and our social media channels where you can play for a chance to win vouchers and gold coins from the collection worth up to $108!


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