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Ajinomoto Strengthens its Commitment on the 10th Anniversary of Thai Health, Advocating for Lower Salt Intake and Reduced Disease Risk

Ajinomoto Strengthens its Commitment on the 10th Anniversary of Thai Health, Advocating for Lower Salt Intake and Reduced Disease Risk, Spotlighting Low-Sodium Innovations, Promoting Balanced Diets through Flavorful Cooking, and Creating Sustainable Well-being in Thai Society.

Thursday 21 December 2023 –¬†Ajinomoto Company (Thailand) Limited, a leading food manufacturing company committed to creating sustainable well-being in Thai society, is actively supporting the “Less Salt” network initiative. The company is participating in showcasing its products at the “10th Anniversary of the ‘Less Salt’ Network,” organized by the Ministry of Public Health and the Health Promotion Foundation. The objective of this initiative is to reduce sodium intake among Thais to no more than 2,000 mg/day by 2025. In pursuit of this goal, Ajinomoto is introducing innovative alternatives that emphasize health, such as products that reduce sodium and MSG levels through the use of AminoScience, enhancing the deliciousness of food while promoting balanced nutrition. Additionally, Ajinomoto recently introduced two new menu options featuring savory and sweet dishes with reduced sodium content at Central World shopping plaza.

Ms. Piroonrat Wangprakobsook, Media Relations Section, PR Department at Ajinomoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd., stated, “As a leader dedicated to creating sustainable well-being and happiness in Thai society, we are committed to addressing food and health challenges through our company’s core values. We are actively prepared to continuously support and collaborate with all sectors. To contribute to the sustainability of changes in sodium consumption behavior, this will have a positive impact on people’s lives in the long term. Our participation in this initiative alongside the Ministry of Public Health and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation underscores our unwavering commitment to promoting healthier living among Thais, offering nutrition without compromise through the development of healthier products that contain reduced levels of sodium, including RosDee Less Sodium, YumYum instant noodles, and more, all bearing the Healthier Choice Logo certification. These alternatives are designed to promote better nutrition throughout Thai society. This commitment also extends to our AJI-NO-MOTO(R) MSG, it has only 1/3 the sodium content of the same amount of salt. This can help reduce the amount of sodium in meals, but it still has a delicious, mellow taste as always.”

During the event, Ajinomoto Thailand showcased two items with reduced sodium, featuring AJI-NO-MOTO(R) MSG as a key ingredient, promising a delightful yet low-sodium culinary experience for Thai consumers. This includes: 1) “Somtam Ice Cream,” a unique collaboration with Molto, a leading producer and distributor of premium gelato and ice cream. This innovative creation transforms Thailand’s favorite savory dish, Somtam, into an ice-cream that retains the robust Somtam flavor. Each serving contains just 153 milligrams of sodium per 100 grams (1 cup); and 2) “Seafood Spicy Salad,” a delectable appetizer or side dish. This dish impresses with its deliciousness and contains a mere 154 milligrams of sodium per 50 grams (1 ladle). These offerings satisfy the varied tastes of the event’s attendees by featuring delicious and healthier options.


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