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“TUG Turns 2: Christmas in Green” A Celebration of Sustainability and Community

Join The Unusual Greens in Celebrating Two Years of Triumph with an Eco-Conscious Extravaganza at Rumah Tangsi

Kuala Lumpur, 22 December 2023 — The Unusual Greens (TUG), a renowned gelateria celebrated for its commitment to sustainability, is thrilled to announce “TUG Turns 2: Christmas in Green”, a vibrant and meaningful Christmas fair taking place from 22nd to 24th December 2023 at the enchanting Rumah Tangsi. This event not only commemorates TUG’s two-year journey but also highlights their dedication to fighting food waste and giving back to the community. As TUG marks this significant milestone, the celebration promises a delightful blend of gelato indulgence, coffee connoisseurship, and engaging activities focused on education and entertainment to create an unforgettable experience for attendees.

Hailey Yong, CEO of The Unusual Greens

“As we celebrate two years of TUG’s journey, “TUG Turns 2: Christmas in Green” embodies our commitment to joy, sustainability, and making a positive impact. Through collaborative efforts and heartfelt initiatives, we’re not just creating an event; we’re fostering a community-driven celebration that resonates with our values. We envision “TUG Turns 2: Christmas in Green” as a memorable gathering that leaves a lasting positive impact on both the community and the environment,” said Hailey Yong, CEO of The Unusual Greens.

Etiqa Life Insurance Berhad Joins “Christmas in Green” as Primary Sponsor, Aligned with Vision for Sustainability

TUG is pleased to announce Etiqa Life Insurance Berhad as the primary sponsor for the upcoming “TUG Turns 2: Christmas in Green” event. “In collaborating with TUG for this event, Etiqa Life Insurance Berhad is wholeheartedly committed to making a positive impact while observing Christmas with a green and eco-conscious mindset! This collaboration is proof of our commitment to a more sustainable future, in line with Etiqa’s mission to ‘Make the World a Better Place’ through socially and environmentally responsible initiatives,” said Mr. Paul Low, CEO of Etiqa Life Insurance Berhad.

TUG and Play Unlimited Team Up: 30% Event Profits for Toy Library at Hospital Selayang
In the spirit of giving, TUG is proud to partner with Play Unlimited, allocating 30% of the overall event profits to build a toy library in Hospital Selayang. This initiative aims to empower and support children facing critical illnesses, spreading joy and making a positive impact on their lives. “We are thrilled to join forces with TUG in creating a meaningful initiative that not only brings joy to children but also contributes to their well-being!” said Datin P.H. Wong, founder of Play Unlimited and Toy Libraries Malaysia, enthusiastically. “The establishment of a toy library at Hospital Selayang is a testament to the transformative power of play in the lives of children facing critical illnesses, and we are grateful for the support of TUG in making this vision a reality.”

#TUGTurns2 X Tangsirama Music Fest: Unveiling a Stellar Lineup

The event’s highlights include an electrifying TUG Turns 2 X Tangsirama Music Fest stage, featuring local artists and rising stars such as Jahvalion, Mily, Talitha., Bonafides, Margasatwa, The Impatient Sisters, OAG, Midnight Fusic, and Singing Bersama feat. Couple.

TUG’s Sustainable Marketplace Showcases 30+ Brands Crafting a Greener Tomorrow

From delectable treats to handcrafted goods, attendees get to explore a curated celebration of sustainable living and local creativity with more than 30 brands including WILD Kombucha, Greenbugs Farm, Precious Plastic Malaysia, Āina Collective, Common Market, Beebag, and Rice Inc., each contributing to a more sustainable future through upcycling, waste reduction, and ethical practices. This collective statement on conscious consumerism encourages mindful consumption, connecting attendees with products and stories that shape a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

TUG’s Christmas Oatside Latte Art Throwdown and Engaging Workshops Take Center Stage

Adding a touch of creativity, the “TUG Christmas Oatside Latte Art Throwdown” will be a show-stopping feature,  organised by BLC (Basic Latteart Corner Malaysia) and MAD Coffee, sponsored by OATSIDE. Attendees can also participate in a variety of engaging workshops, including a Yoga Workshop by MOOM, the Play and Stay Lego Competition with PlayUnlimited, a session with Barista Guild Asia exploring the uniqueness of specialty coffee, and more.

Collaborations and Partners for A Sustainable “Christmas in Green”

In a steadfast commitment to responsibility, TUG is thrilled to announce impactful collaborations that enhance the event’s environmental consciousness. Services Partners feature KURO EV, sponsoring shuttle services with their electric vehicles from Masjid Jamek LRT to Rumah Tangsi to reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, Sustainability Partners include Precious Plastics, Circlepac, MAEKO, The CARETon Project by Tetra Pak and MILO, Beebag, and ADA Biotech. Yinson GreenTech has also supported the festival, advocating sustainability beyond EV, Marine, and Digital sectors. Together with TUG, they aim to infuse the festive season with sustainability, fostering positive change. For more information and updates, visit TUG Gelato on Instagram, Facebook, or website.


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