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F&N premiumises RTD tea with Oyoshi Gold

Image credit: Minimeinisights.com

F&N, the number one leading ready-to-drink green tea producer in Malaysia, has introduced Oyoshi Gold RTD tea. Oyoshi Gold is actually Oishi Gold, the premium RTD tea first launched by Thailand’s Oishi Plc in Thailand in December 2018.

The Oyoshi Gold range comprises Oyoshi Gold Kabusecha No Sugar and Oyoshi Gold Sencha No Sugar. Sencha is prepared by infusing the processed whole tea leaves in hot water.

Oyoshi Gold Kabusecha No Sugar uses 100% imported authentic kabusecha tea leaves from the famed Makinohara Plateau in Japan. Kabusecha is a shaded tea. Unlike gyokuru where the tea leaves are shielded from sunlight for at least 20 days, kabusecha is shaded for 7-10 days. The shading process allows the plant to retain more L-theanine, thus creating the savoury umami flavour, and lower the catechin content resulting in a tea that is rich and savory.

In Thailand, the RTD tea market is undergoing premiumisation as consumers upgrade to higher quality RTD tea with a strong focus on the quality of the tea leaves and with the low/no sugar attributes. The Malaysia RTD tea category is expected to undergo the same trajectory.

In Malaysia, Oyoshi Gold is priced at RM3.90 (380ml) at convenience store, which is higher compared to the RM2.70 price tag for the existing Oyoshi range (380ml).


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