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New fresh cold-pressed juices by Origina

Origina has announced the availability of its new fresh cold-pressed juices in Malaysia: Sweet Heartbeet, Green Juice and Coconut Water. Packed with the goodness of heart-beneficial ingredients, Sweet Heartbeet contains red carrot, ginger, apple, lemon and beetroot, while Green Juice is made from kale, apple and lemon juice. Also available is Energizing Detox with mixed kale, spinach and green apple.

Origina+ (200ml) has no addition of water, no sugar added and no artificial colour.

Per 100ml Total sugar (g) Total dietary fibre (g)
Origina+ Energizing Detox: 6.6 0.6
Origina+ Sweet Heartbeet 6.1 0.9


Image credit: Minimeinsights.com

Origina fresh cold-pressed juices are an upgrade to the company’s existing juices in juice extraction technique using the high pressure processing (HPP) technique. The new cold-pressed juices are free from added water, sugar and colours.

The company communicates the merit of HPP by referencing food safety, higher shelf life and naturalness.



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