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Future Hues Uniqlo U 2024 Spring/Summer Collection Launches March 8

February 15, 2024, Kuala Lumpur – Global Apparel retailer UNIQLO announces the launch of the Uniqlo U 2024 Spring/Summer collection, starting March 8th, with presales of select items beginning earlier. Designed by Artistic Director Christophe Lemaire and his UNIQLO R&D team in Paris, the collection presents a soothing palette of subtle yet complex colors unique to Uniqlo U. It aims to create a versatile wardrobe of elegant technicity, protective layers, and future classics.

Featuring lightweight volume, generous fabrics, iconic basics, and utilitarian garments with innate elegance, The Uniqlo U 2024 Spring/Summer collection offers a functional wardrobe with elevated color range. It represents a simplified, modern wardrobe that creates a calming antidote to the noise and demands of everyday life.

The collection showcases highly-evolved, precise basics infused with lakes of sage, celadon tints, mellow purples, bright khakis, creamy whites, and sorrel browns. These colours offer a wide range of tonal looks and attractive combinations for the season, enabling instinctive dressing with ease.

Genderless Offering

The men’s and women’s design teams worked together to create a concise collection of genderless essentials, such as the Utility Hooded Coat and the Boxy Tailored Jacket. The boxy silhouettes and muted color palette make dressing easy and effortless for any body type.

T-Shirt Expansion

This season, look out for the introduction of a new Uniqlo U Women’s SUPIMA Cotton Crew Neck

T-shirt and the Men’s AIRism Cotton Oversized Crew Neck T-shirt in fresh new colorways and fit.


Sports Utility Wear has been updated to include new designs that blend utility and style. For women, the AIRism UV protection T-shirt and leggings make a great set for a day of activity or lounging. For men, DRY-EX T-shirts, Tank Tops, and Shorts are similarly adaptable—perfect for a jog or a day of relaxing at home.



The lineup includes 20 items for women, 24 items for men, and 4 items for accessories, however the majority of the collection is designed to be genderless.

Lineup and Pricing

Items Prices (tax incl.) Items Prices (tax incl.)
Outerwear RM 149.90 – RM 499.90 Knits RM 149.90
Pants & Skirts RM 99.90 – RM 199.90 Dresses RM 149.90
Shirts RM 129.90 – RM 199.90


Accessories RM 79.90 – RM 149.90
Cut & Sewn items RM 49.90 – RM 129.90    

 Note: The above prices are provisional and subject to change

Special Website: www.uniqlo.com/UniqloU


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