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Experience the tropical delights of Thai Fruitopia fruits and healthy juices, to elevate your well-being with a burst of freshness and nutrient-packed goodness

Selangor – August 22, 2023 – Thai Fruitopia, an exciting showcase of the finest and freshest fruits, packed juices and ice creams from Thailand, is set to captivate the hearts and palates of Malaysians at 12 selected Aeon, CS and Segi Fresh outlets across the nation. This fair is brought to you by the Thai Department of International Trade and Promotions (DITP) and leading distribution partners in Malaysia.

This promotion is scheduled to run from August 22nd until September 24th, 2023. The main highlights of this fair are the promotion of newly imported fresh tropical fruits, direct from the farms in Thailand to us, freshly packed healthy juices, featuring brands like Malee, and many more. These juices and meticulously extracted and packed to perfection. Other products include Thai Fruity Ice Creams, featuring brands like Brave Tristar.

During the fair, visitors will be treated to an array of exciting activities and offerings
that will immerse them in the world of Thai fruits and culinary artistry:

  • Food Sampling: Visitors will have the opportunity to taste a delectable
    assortment of freshly prepared Thai fruit dishes, highlighting the versatility and
    unique flavors of these exotic ingredients.
  • Fruit Carving: Witness the skillful art of fruit carving as talented artisans
    transform ordinary fruits into intricate masterpieces, showcasing the beauty and
    creativity that can be found in nature’s bounty.
  • Cooking and Dessert Preparation: Engage in live cooking and dessert
    preparation demonstrations by renowned chefs, unveiling the secrets behind
    incorporating Thai fruits into delectable dishes and desserts.

“I am delighted to witness the collaborative efforts of our distribution partners and the
unwavering support from supermarkets and hypermarkets for this Thai Fruitopia fair.
With utmost certainty, I anticipate these exquisite fruits will make a remarkable
impact in Malaysia.” said Mr. Worawan Wanwil, Director of DITP.

More exciting news and updates will be announced from time to time. Do follow
DITP Malaysia facebook : https://www.facebook.com/thinkthailandmy, and/or
individual participating stores for more up-to-date promotions and information. You
may also contact DITP office at 03-21424601 or email enquiriy@thaitrade.my



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