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BOSS Coffee Holds Exclusive Event with HYBS @ BOSS Cafe to Please Fans of “James – Karn” and Debuts New “BOSS Caramel Latte”

Tuesday 22 August 2023 – The ready-to-drink “BOSS Coffee” brand from Japan by Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) collaborated with BOSS duo presenters “James Alyn Wee” and Kasidej “Karn” Hongladaromp, duo singers of HYBS band, to deliver a moment of joy and extreme happiness for their fans club to indulge at the Exclusive Event with HYBS @ BOSS Cafe, the first minimalist cafe in Bangkok at G floor, Siam Center.

Mr. Junichiro Takata, Head of Marketing – Suntory Brands, Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Company Limited, Mr. Kongtouch Chintaviwatwong, Senior Brand Manager, BOSS Coffee, Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Company Limited, attended and welcomed all guests at the event.

BOSS Cafe was completely transformed into a minimalist-inspired space for hosting a mini concert for fans to have a good time enjoying a wonderful moment through beautiful music performed by the duo singers.

Coffee lovers also indulged in a new, memorable BOSS coffee drinking experience as BOSS coffee is meticulously curated to perfection using top-grade coffee beans through the “Flash Brew” coffee making technique, which is a distinctive formula of coffee brewing to deliver a uniquely premium BOSS coffee flavor.

With flash brew coffee making innovation adopted, it results in a perfectly harmonious and mellow flavor that sensually appeals to all coffee connoisseurs and cafe hoppers across the country.

BOSS coffee duo presenters “James Alyn Wee” and Kasidej “Karn” Hongladaromp said “we are so glad and feel a great honor that Suntory PepsiCo Beverage Thailand allows us to play a role in engaging the ready-to-drink BOSS coffee with customers as well as creating motivation and passion for all people’s everyday life through our music. Moreover, we are also coffee enthusiasts who love drinking specialty coffee with a unique taste and flavorful characteristics. We consider that BOSS coffee is absolutely a case in point. It is a perfect ready-to-drink coffee both in terms of quality, deliciousness, and uniquely harmonious flavor compared with other instant coffee brands available in the market. Particularly, BOSS coffee is entirely made to perfection using the “Flash Brew” coffee making technique that perfectly helps expose the natural density and captivating flavor of coffee beans. BOSS coffee also delivers a rich and mellow flavor and has an appealing aroma. We can experience a deep and full-body flavor of coffee beans from the ready-to-drink BOSS coffee, which is easy to drink and it is premium coffee that all discerning coffee lovers are looking for.

Personally, we feel like we are drinking fresh coffee at an extraordinary cafe, to be honest. Our most favorite drink menus that gave us a wow experience at BOSS Cafe are BOSS Coffee Caramel Latte and BOSS Coffee Yuzu. We have never realized before that just a bottle of BOSS coffee can deliver such an exceptionally wonderful flavor and texture. As for the new BOSS coffee commercial campaign, we also composed a new single exclusively for BOSS as we got inspiration after drinking the ready-to-drinking BOSS coffee. We feel we are having a good day the moment we open the BOSS coffee bottle or even just having a BOSS coffee along wherever we go, we will feel like it should be our day. So, we would like everyone to follow the new BOSS coffee commercial campaign to listen to our new single which was exclusively composed with the best of our intention.”

“Exclusive Event with HYBS @ BOSS Cafe” was extraordinarily blessed with a host of surprises that mesmerized fans and guests at the event. HYBS duo singers “James and Karn” shared happiness in a range of fun-filled activities with 30 lucky fans selected from Facebook: Boss Coffee Thailand. The good-look duo singers discussed their inspiration and wonderful feeling for being appointed as the duo presenters of BOSS coffee. The event also officially debuted the new BOSS coffee commercial campaign with a new single called “It’s Time” that was exclusively composed for BOSS coffee. The new single highlights the Japanese City Pop concept that excellently offers a glimpse of Japanese in style, which perfectly connects with the Japanese coffee brand. The single delivers fun, joyous, relaxing moments at the same time.

The lyrics focus on providing spiritual uplifting, freshening up life, and re-energize yourself to do whatever you want to do with a good intention and determination. It aims to encourage people to start off the new day simply by drinking the ready-to-drink BOSS coffee and enjoying its harmoniously mellow flavor. The moment you open and drink it, you can go out to deal with challenges and move forward to achieving your goals in everyday life. The new BOSS coffee commercial campaign and the new single from HYBS were lauded by all the fans attending the event at BOSS Cafe.

HYBS duo singers “James and Karn” also discussed their favorite signature BOSS-infused menus available at BOSS Cafe. The new BOSS coffee flavor variant “BOSS Caramel Latte” also made its debut for everyone to experience the new flavor at the event before going on sale. It was developed with inspiration drawn from one of the best-selling drink menus at BOSS Cafe. It is available in a bottle packaging, easy to go along with and it is widely available for purchase. The new “BOSS Caramel Latte” is suitable for beginning every new day in the morning. The launch event wrapped up with a mini concert by HYBS as fans took great pleasure in a range of entertaining and sensational songs, creating a memorable moment for everyone. Fans also took photo opportunities to capture rare moments with the HYBS duo singers at the end of the event.

BOSS Cafe is idyllically located on the G floor of Siam Center. It is open everyday until August 31, 2023. The minimalist cafe highlights 6 signature drinks that are perfectly complete with a blend of ready-to-drink BOSS coffee flavor variants. They are available at 90 baht each. BOSS Cafe also recommends 6 toasted menus. For more information, visit Facebook: Boss Coffee Thailand, or listen to the single “It’s Time” at YouTube: BossCoffeeThailand.


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