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What Southeast Asian energy drinks can learn from ZOA Energy

ZOA Energy, the better-for-you zero-sugar energy drink from the US, offers lessons that Southeast Asian energy drinks can learn. ZOA Energy, established in 2020, counts Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Dave Rienzi and John Shulman as its founders. 

The energy drink brand has recently launched its latest campaign, packed with “BDE” or Big Dwayne Energy.

ZOA Energy adopted a gender-neutral identity in 2023 as part of a major refresh. The brand replaced the black packaging with a bright new packaging. This gender-neutral position is important for ZOA Energy to reach a broader section of consumers looking for energy to fuel different occasions.

In Southeast Asia, energy drinks tend to have a masculine image, while female-focused energy drinks are too feminine. A gender-neutral positioning similar to Celsius can help brands to reach out to both sexes.

In the latest commercial, ZOA Energy showcases everyone can get the Big Dwayne Energy, whether doing aerial exercise, working at home, while juggling parenting duties, or saving lives in the operating theatre.

Energy drinks in Southeast Asia could explore making energy needs relatable to parents with demanding schedules and individuals working from home. Energy drinks can also support consumers engaged in trending fitness routines and low-intensity activities like yoga or pilates, which are popular with females. Females are still an untapped market for energy drinks in the region.

The maker of the ZOA Energy formula describes the drink as having the right amount of excellent tasting, cleaner, and balanced energy to fuel the day. The drink has electrolytes for hydration, a buzzword in the beverage category, vitamins B and C, zero sugar, caffeine from green tea and green coffee beans, camu camu, and amino acids.

Southeast Asian energy drink players are embracing clean energy, and newer generations of energy drinks in the region, such as Mate Mate, are positioning themselves as hydrating energy drinks to appeal to consumers seeking benefits beyond just energy. In the case of Mate Mate, it is hydration, mental clarity, and immune benefits.


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