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Nestle Pure Life Introduces Strategy to Engage with Gen Z

Nestle Pure Life Introduces Strategy to Engage with Gen Z Revamps Brand Identity and Partners with Sonray Music to Launch “Fresh No Limit” Campaign this Summer, Driving Market with Music Collaboration

Wednesday 13 March 2024 – Nestle Pure Life, under Nestle (Thai) Ltd.’s Water Business Unit, is investing 200 million baht to target Gen Z consumers with the launch of the “Nestle Pure Life Fresh No Limit” campaign, its biggest summer campaign of the year. The campaign strategy includes a major revamp of the Nestle Pure Life brand globally for the first time in five years under “The Ripples of Life” concept, spreading ripples of freshness to the new generation at scale. Nestle Pure Life will further penetrate the market through a music collaboration by partnering with popular teen music label Sonray Music, featuring BUS, the popular T-pop band, as its summer presenters. They will team up with James Jirayu to inspire and share the Fresh No Limit experience with members of Gen Z nationwide.

Ms. Naritta Vipulyasekha, Business Executive Officer – Water Business Unit, Nestle (Thai) Ltd., said, “This rebranding of Nestle Pure Life is our first major new global identity launch in five years. We are very proud that Thailand is the first country in the ASEAN region to launch the new brand image ‘The Ripples of Life,’ which reflects the Nestle Pure Life brand belief that small things can create a big positive impact, like ripples of water. This is in line with Nestle Pure Life’s commitment to providing Thai people with ripples of freshness with quality water that meets Swiss standards using Nestle’s proprietary Intelligent Micro Filter technology, which filters down to 0.2 microns. We also are focusing on establishing ripples in society to create positive changes for the world through Nestle Pure Life’s sustainability initiatives, which include over eight years of water resource restoration in Thailand. For this global brand revamp, we are also introducing a new modern packaging design along with a summer marketing campaign that communicates our story to the new generation in a more engaging way.”

Nestle Pure Life presenter James-Jirayu Tangsrisuk, who has been involved in many marketing campaigns to communicate the quality of its products, is taking the lead in driving communications for marketing activities and sustainability projects. This summer, Nestle Pure Life is creating new ripples of excitement through its first music collaboration with Sonray Music with the “Nestle Pure Life Fresh No Limit” campaign. It teams up James Jirayu with new summer presenter BUS (because of you i shine). Together, they will inspire and offer exciting experiences under the Fresh No Limit concept to highlight the quality of Nestle Pure Life drinking water. The campaign includes the release of a new single and a variety of fun activities throughout the summer for all Thais to enjoy.

Sonray Music has worked hand-in-hand with Nestle Pure Life to create a single and music video that reflects the new Nestle Pure Life brand identity and its dedication to providing quality drinking water while also blending in the unique characters of the BUS boy group. The new single, called “Feeling Bab Wa Ooh,” and the accompanying music video aim to create virality and bring a refreshing experience to the young generation and BUS fan club this summer. It will be launched at the Fresh No Limit event that takes place from March 14 to 17, 2024, at Parc Paragon, Siam Paragon Shopping Center. Visit the Nestle Pure Life Facebook page for more details.

“We not only look for presenters who can connect with the new generation, but also artists who can create a positive impact for the planet in line with the Ripples of Life concept. BUS represents the new generation who are inspired to overcome their own limits. This aligns with Nestle Pure Life’s brand identity and the concept of our Fresh No Limit campaign. We have been supporting BUS since they started out in the 789 Contest in 2023. This year, we will work together with them to co-create even greater ripples of freshness,” added Ms. Naritta.

The Nestle Pure Life Fresh No Limit campaign offers a variety of activities to create new and unique experiences for Gen Z. This includes new Nestle Pure Life packaging that features AR gamification and special collectibles for the first time in the Thai drinking water market. The new packaging collection features 13 designs—one design with James Jirayu and 12 designs featuring BUS members for fans to collect. Consumers can scan the bottles to join the AR “Face Reaction” game and earn points to redeem for special prizes and share on social media channels. Another special activity, the “Secret Bottle Hunt,” allows fans to collect special bottles and arrange them together to scan to unlock and view a special performance video by BUS during March to May 2024.

Nestle Pure Life has decorated chillers with BUS designs in more than 4,000 7-Eleven stores nationwide. It has also taken over the 7-Eleven store at Samyan Mitrtown Shopping Center, a cool hangout for students, with full campaign decorations to bring the full Fresh No Limit experience to excite Gen Z.


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