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Coca-Cola Announces the Arrival of Foodmarks in Thailand: A Celebration of Local Culinary Heritage and Community Connections

Wednesday 13 March 2024 – For generations, Coca-Cola(TM) has been an integral part of iconic food and cultural moments— from gracing the silver screen to amplifying chart-topping music hits, and from enlivening dining tables at joyful gatherings to festive feasts. Building on this storied legacy, Coca-Cola proudly unveils Foodmarks in Thailand. Foodmarks puts a spotlight on unique “COKE with food landmarks” shaped by our rich cultural tapestry and crafted with the real magic of Coca-Cola.

As meals represent the most significant occasion for Coca-Cola around the world, Foodmarks aims to celebrate the humble, unassuming yet iconic eateries with rich and deviating from those frequently featured in pop culture. Going beyond the mere act of dining, this campaign represents the collective joy and exploration of culinary gems within dynamic, bustling food scenes.

In the ASEAN and South Pacific region, Thailand takes the spotlight as the first country to debut Foodmarks, chosen for its street food paradises that transcend mere locations. These spaces serve as epicenters where captivating stories unfold, and cultural legacies are preserved. Thailand’s iconic restaurants are not simply structures—they pulsate as the hearts of neighborhoods, teeming with narratives eager to be discovered. Promising a sensory voyage, they invite both Gen Zs and millennials to explore new destinations for exceptional dining experiences, all while savoring the classic flavor of a chilled Coca-Cola.

“Foodmarks has the remarkable ability to bridge cultural boundaries and narrate stories of shared experiences and cultural significance. They serve as a testament to the universal language of mealtimes,” said Richa Singh, Senior Marketing Director for Coca-Cola in Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. “As we unveil the iconic Foodmarks in Thailand, alongside hundreds more in countries around the world, we celebrate the moments that have shaped culture and connected us through the shared magic of Coca- Cola.”

For Thailand, the campaign highlights the country’s legendary street food stalls—long celebrated for their quintessential Coca-Cola moments. These are showcased across four epicentres presented on a map for easy access to delightful culinary experiences. The four epicentres are chosen from renowned street food paradises in Thailand, including Banthat Thong Road, Nimmanhaemin Road in Chiang Mai, 30 Kanya Road in Nakhon Ratchasima, and San Chao Road in Surat Thani.

To ignite consumer excitement and inspire exploration of nearby food destinations, the campaign kicks off with the “Epic Night Out” music video featuring Thailand’s biggest names in rap, cuisine, and TikTok. We brought together Thailand’s most famous rapper, F.Hero, the iconic Chef Pom and most sought after TikToker Badmixy together in an epic music video that tells the story of an epic night out with Thai street food and ice-cold Coca-Cola. This epic collaboration brings together street food, Coca-Cola, and the vibrant energy of Thai culture.

This epic collaboration brings together street food, Coca-Cola, and the vibrant energy of Thai culture. Plus, we’ve hidden special moments aka “Easter eggs” in the video for viewers to discover, including chances to win merch and order delicious dishes through our FSA partners. This interactive element adds an engaging layer, inviting consumers to explore and receive rewards for their participation.

What’s more, to foster creative expressions around streetfood experiences, the campaign introduces the online competition that invites consumers to create TikTok review content under the theme ‘Coke Foodmarks Tour’ within the epicenters, displaying the Foodmarks logo. The top 12 most impressive entries will have the chance to explore exquisite eateries with celebrities and enjoy exclusive surprises in Banthat Thong. For additional details and updates on campaign activities, please stay tuned at Facebook.

Foodmarks is a continuation of last year’s “A Recipe for Magic” campaign, a celebration of the enchantment found in shared meals and the profound human connections forged when gathered around food. These moments materialize into Foodmarks, physical destinations that encapsulate the collective magic and bonds that form at the table.

For more information and additional campaign content, visit www.Coca-Cola.com/th/th/offerings/Foodmarks or the official pages of Coca-Cola: on Facebook or visiting our website www.Coca-Cola.co.th


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