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‘Coca-Cola’ Reignites the ‘Best Coke Ever?’ Debate at ‘Coke’ Zero Tastival in Thailand, featuring the Magic Maker ‘PP-Krit’

Inviting Gen-Z to take a taste of the newly launched Coke Zero Sugar Lime Flavored and Coca-Cola(R) Creations K-Wave Zero Sugar

Monday 11 March 2024 – Following the successful launch of Coke Zero Sugar in 2023, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar aims to amplify “speak up” this time around with another future-forward campaign targeting the Gen Z market. The Coke Zero Tastival event at Parc Paragon will serve Coke Zero Sugar to young consumers, allowing them to enjoy its irresistible taste. The event will also introduce two new flavors: Coke Zero Sugar Lime Flavored, which enhances the great taste with a refreshing lime twist, and Coca-Cola(R) Creations K-Wave Zero Sugar, a limited-edition flavor celebrating fans’ boundless devotion to K-Pop. These special flavors are now available throughout Thailand.

This year, ‘Coca-Cola’ is reigniting the ‘Best Coke Ever?’ debate with a fresh perspective as the brand is given the stage to highlight Coke Zero Sugar’s irresistible taste. This initiative promises to provide plenty of opportunities, both digitally and in person, for this new generation of drinkers to discover, experience, and enjoy the product’s great and refreshing taste.

In Thailand, ‘Coca-Cola’ has transformed Parc Paragon into Coke Zero Tastival, offering the great taste of Coke Zero Sugar to the Gen-Z fans. The Magic Maker of Coca-Cola Thailand, ‘PP-Krit Amnuaydechkorn’, has joined the event to officially introduce the latest addition to the Coke Zero Sugar product portfolio: Coke Zero Sugar Lime Flavored. PP-Krit has invited fans to try the new Coke Zero Sugar Lime Flavored and shares his impressions of the new beverage before performing a special mini-concert for all the fans.

ThaiNamthip’s executives led by Mr. Marcelo Mayer (the first from the right), Vice President – Modern Trade and Lotus’s executives led by Mr. Chairat Phanich (the second from the left), Assistant Director – Cold Beverage / Liquor and Tobacco, were present at the event at Lotus’s Sukhaphibal 1

In addition, after the global launch of Coca-Cola(R) Creations K-Wave Zero Sugar in a collaboration with K-POP artists Stray Kids, ITZY, NMIXX, and JYP Entertainment founder J.Y. Park, releasing the special music video “Like Magic” for K-POP fans to enjoy, Coca-Cola Thailand has also recreated the K-Wave Town in the “Like Magic” music video at the event. This allows Thai fans to be immersed in the world of K-POP with their beloved artists. Fans can express their devotion through K-POP dance with the song “Like Magic” and share impressive moments with friends on social media using the hashtag #เปิดความซ่าสู่โลกKPop. They also have a chance to win the exclusive K-POP artist postcard from Coca-Cola(R) Creations K-Wave Zero Sugar.

Richa Singh, Senior Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos said: “The youth are at the forefront of innovation, seeking authenticity and more conscious choices. Our campaign is crafted to strike a chord with their values and tastes. Coke Zero Sugar is more than just a beverage; it’s an invitation to experience the fusion of tradition and trend. This is the taste of a new era. In Thailand, Coke Zero Sugar has been overwhelmingly well-received by the younger generation who are driving the zero-sugar beverage market to grow rapidly in recent years. This year, Coca-Cola Thailand is committed to serving the magical moments through the irresistible taste of Coke Zero Sugar and the newly-launched Coke Zero Sugar Lime Flavored, which is another flavor that Thai consumer love. Additionally, we also have Coca-Cola(R) Creations K-Wave Zero Sugar accompanied by a dash of fruity K-POP magic to attract young consumers”

Apart from the Coke Zero Tastival event happening on 9-11 March, fans can also try Coke Zero Sugar, Coke Zero Sugar Lime Flavored, and Coca-Cola(R) Creations K-Wave Zero Sugar at stores nationwide.

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