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Snappea, a new pea drink, with health and sustainability in mind

Image credit: Snappeafood

Snappea, a new plant-based drink made from peas, has been launched in Malaysia. Snappea is a pea-focus brand which focuses on promoting peas as a healthier and more sustainable food source.

The name Snappea comes from snapping, as people tend to snap their fingers when thinking about ideas, hence Snappea (snap + pea), explained Justin Chan, Founder of Snappea.

The company sources the peas from Canada as the North American country is the largest producer of yellow peas in the world. Pea has a very clean taste, which is suitable to use in beverages like dairy-free milk alternatives.

High in protein and 100% vegan

Snappea has 10 times more protein than almond and 20% more than dairy milk. In addition, Snappea is 100% vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free and comes with 170g plant-based calcium per cup. So regardless whether you are vegan, lactose-intolerant or allergic to soy or gluten, Snappea can basically be consumed by anyone.

Sustainable food source

Peas are one of the most sustainable food sources in the world, explained Justin. In addition, peas are super nutritious and much less water intensive. To produce the same amount of protein, peas require seven times less water compared to nuts like almond.

Peas are super friendly to soil because they help in nitrogen fixing. Nitrogen is one of the most important chemical elements for plants. If there is not enough nitrogen available in the soil plants look pale and their growth is stunted. Peas are one of the few nitrogen fixing plants, which means they work together with nitrogen fixing bacteria called rhizobia, to “fix” nitrogen. Nitrogen from the air diffuses into the ground. The rhizobia chemically converts that nitrogen to make it available for the plant. In short, by planting peas, the soil can be enriched without the use of artificial fertilizers. 

Available online and at major retail chains

Currently Snappea is available online on Lazada and Shopee and offline in major retail chains in Malaysia such as Jaya Grocer. More retail outlets will be carrying Snappea products soon, said Justin.

Snappea welcomes any potential importers especially in the Asia region who are interested in Snappea. The company said it has received many enquiries from end-consumers about the availability of Snappea in their regions. Anyone interested to be Snappea’s stockists/distributors, feel free to drop them an email at hey@snappeafood.com.

All ingredients Snappea use are Halal certified and Snappea is produced in halal-certified facilities. Snappea is pending Halal approval for the end products, which the company in the midst of applying.

Snappea is available in Simply Unsweetened, Utterly Original and Richly Chocolate flavours.

Purchase Snappea from the official Snappea store on Lazada and Shopee.


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