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How Decathlon makes sports, even typically inaccessible ones, more available

Decathlon, the leading multi-specialist sports brand, has recently unveiled a global brand refresh, with a renewed motto of moving people through the wonders of sports — an aim they want to achieve by making more types of sports accessible to all.

A diverse brand portfolio

Decathlon’s extensive product range and affordable prices play a key role in making sports more accessible to everyone. By offering high-quality gear and equipment at competitive prices, Decathlon removes financial barriers that often hinder people from trying new sports or activities.

Complementing the innovation efforts, Decathlon is unleashing the full potential of the brand to bring sport to everyone through a new and simplified brand portfolio with 9 category specialists: Quechua (mountain), Tribord (water and wind), Rockrider (outdoor cycling), Domyos (fitness), Kuikma (racket), Kipsta (team sports), Caperlan (wildlife), Btwin (urban gliding and mobility) and Inesis (target), and 4 expert brands: Van Rysel, Simond, Kiprun and Solognac.

Additionally, Decathlon often holds free sporting classes and activities that are open to the public, allowing people to try out whether a sport is for them, and to also be taught by an expert at no cost.

Whether it’s racket-based fitness, cycling, or water-and-wind sports, Decathlon ensures that individuals have access to the necessary equipment to explore and enjoy a wide range of sporting experiences.

Decathlon’s new logo on the brand’s products.

In-house innovation to keep prices approachable

In addition to its diverse product range and competitive pricing, Decathlon employs in-house innovation to ensure that sports gear remains approachable for all. Every day, over 850 engineers and 400 designers at Decathlon relentlessly invent, create, design, and test new materials and products.

This includes expert teams such as Booster Innovation, dedicated to the study of sports and dynamics of the human body, and AddLab, a 3D prototyping centre and Advanced Design. The result is a set of groundbreaking sporting solutions, underpinned by 900 patents.

By investing in in-house innovation, Decathlon is able to develop high-quality sporting equipment at affordable prices. This allows Decathlon to maintain its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity while also ensuring that athletes of all levels have access to the latest advancements in sports technology. Whether it’s designing more durable hiking boots or creating lightweight cycling gear, Decathlon’s in-house innovation ensures that sports remain accessible to everyone, regardless of budget or experience level.


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