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Freeze-dried coffee in capsule format catches on in Malaysia

Image from AirAsia's Santan

The freeze-dried coffee trend, which originated in China, is catching on in Malaysia. AirAsia’s Santan freeze-dried coffee in a coffee capsule and its collaboration with ZUS Coffee are spearheading consumer education and awareness of the new format. The freeze-dried coffee easily dissolves in hot, warm or cold water. 

Image by AirAsia

WhiteXtar, the OEM maker of AirAsia’s Santan freeze-dried coffee, participated in the International Cafe and Beverage Show 2024 in Malaysia in May 2024. The company showcased its freeze-dried coffee in a cup format, freeze-dried chocolate in a cube, and freeze-dried tea in powder form. 

Image credit: Minimeinsights.com

If companies can produce more such products in Malaysia, this will help stimulate the increase in freeze-dried coffee innovations in convenient capsule formats in the country.

The launch of Santan freeze-dried coffee also demonstrates China’s growing influence on the local beverage scene in Malaysia.


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