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Aloof Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry feeling the heat

Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry was launched in the Malaysian instant noodle market with a bang. What happened to Maggi Royale since then? The product appears lonely on the store shelves amidst price competition from other white curry players and new flavour innovations from MyKuali, the market leader.

Maggi Royale is steadfast with its premium positioning with the retail price for a pack of four maintained at the RM 7.90 mark. Other players are priced at the same level or below but many white curry players are going for volume with price promotions. At Cold Storage The Gardens, MyKuali, the best selling white curry instant noodle, was selling at a promotional price of RM 6.49 for a pack of four, while Maggi Royale was priced at RM 8.29 for a pack of four.

Sampling at Aeon Supermarket at Mid Valley on 23 August 2014

Facing strong competition from MyKuali and other white curry competitors, Nestle has to renew sampling activities at points of sale (POS). At Cold Storage, The Gardens, we are seeing in-store pop-up appearing at POS to bring consumer attention to the new Penang seafood curry.

Pop-up at Cold Storage, The Gardens on 23 August 2014

Nothing seems to beat MyKuali in terms of taste, not even Maggi Royale, according to my humble opinion. As a follower, Nestle can no longer rest on its laurel because the nimbler players are actually more aggressive and are able to capture the imagination of the consumers through constant interaction with them.


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